Border Crisis Hits Michigan; Dozens of Immigrants May Be Heading Here

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

vassar protestTUSCOLA COUNTY, Mich. – The illegal immigration crisis, something we’ve been hearing about nationally is hitting close to home for the first time.

On Wednesday night, a FOX 17 News crew was in the town of Vassar, population 3,000, about 20 miles east of Saginaw.

Here is the issue– the federal government is trying to find places to house tens of thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border from Mexico and Central America. And a facility Vassar could very well be an option.

Wolverine Human Services is a social service agency that helps children in need.

According to the facility website, the organization is currently in talks of receiving a contract to have 60 to 120 beds in its shelter used for temporary housing of unaccompanied teenagers aged 12 to 17.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.57.39 PM

Vassar, Mich.

Now the belief is those children would be illegal immigrants which hasn’t been stated outright.

Reportedly city leaders, the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Central Services Administration have all met with facility leaders to discuss a contract.

And tonight there is a meeting in Vassar aimed at laying it all out on the table. Speakers include the human service senior vice president from Wolverine as well as some local politicians.

Numerous protesters were at the meeting. FOX 17 spoke with one of the organizers who is adamantly against the proposal.  She said, “This is our doorstep and when we first heard the news a lot of us were shocked. I felt shocked, but I said to myself you have to push that aside and you have to take action and forget about being shocked and that’s the mentality all of us planners have had.”vassar2

Whether you think this is even an issue or not; whether you’re for or against… the spotlight of a national issue is shining on Michigan and what happens here could have an impact on what happens elsewhere in the state.




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  • tracyd112

    send them back we lock People up in the United States for committing crimes and these illegal immigrants are no better then any US citizen. We already have enough illegals here in Michigan as it is as they have been sneaking them into safe houses all over Grand Rapids then branching them out. IT HAS TO STOP NOW WE HAVE OUR OWN CITIZENS THAT HAVE NO FOOD OR BEDS WHY SHOULD THESE IMMIGRANTS GET BETTER THEN OUR OWN PEOPLE?

  • guest

    "We’ll here both sides of it tonight"……………here…….HERE…………………..come on fox 17 get your stuff together it's HEAR!!!

  • Sam

    This is NOT a " crisis", a tornado or a flood is a "crisis"
    This was orchestrated and implemented by Obama and his disciples.
    100% on the Liberals.

    See..elections really do have consequences

  • Sam

    You'll notice the ILLEGALS are being sent to predominantly conservative areas…

    There are legal means to immigrate, so why isn't the Obama regime enforcing those laws ?

    You can rest assured that illegals will have the "right" to vote before the next election.

  • Guest

    This is not why I'm 100% Conservative, I do agree that our own citizens should be given the same treatment, but these are just kids. I doubt they had a say when their parents took them across the border. Imagine how much it would suck if you were 12 and the government sent you out of the country. How would you feel?

  • voice of truth

    No different than the old drug campaign….JUST SAY NO! Quit saying “but they are nust kids! ” What a crock! Biological warfare, to overwhelm our already stressed medical and welfare systems. It’s all part of the plan to bring the USA , down to a third world country.

  • rob

    Yeah….they're JUST KIDS……kids that are being taught from DAY 1 that they don't have to obey any laws in the good ol' USA…..they won't shoot or jail you here.Our candy-ass, politically correct politicians won't do anything. ….it might cost them a vote.

  • yaya

    Yall are ignorant as fuck! These are children that truly need help from the biggest drug war in history and you guys are worried about welfare? You wouldnt last ten minutes in mexico without getting robbed or having your children stolen so they can be murdered then stuffed with cocaine. You people have no fucking hearts and fail to realize what these poor children are going through! Get the facts straight and think before judging these children. Their basic human right is freedom and they have been stripped of it!

    • freedomokie

      We are not all ignorant. And yes these children need help, but not at the cost of our own children, families and citizens. As a country we do not take care of our own ie. veterans, how can we care for and afford the costs associated with these children. No one here is judging the children, however we do judge the people behind the crisis. It has been reported that these kids were sent here to be with their parents or relatives, however, no identification of any kind or verification of citizenship is needed to take one of these kids out of custody. Also, if you sent your kids across a different country, unaccompanied, Michigan Child Protective Services would have you arrested and charged with child endangerment.
      I agree with you, that freedom is a basic human right. However, we have immigration laws, we have a path for them to acquire that freedom. These laws are being ignored, which takes away freedoms from citizens of the US.
      If Mexico is the way you say, then what parent, in their right mind, would send their child through that country. This has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with an alternative agenda.

    • TheFoundingFathers

      Hey everybody don't worry about how much it will cost us taxpayers…… this asshole "yaya" just said that he/she will take care of the bill……..

    • rob

      You're the one who's ignorant as fuck. Our PRIORITY should be to take care of the MILLIONS of people ( including helpless children ) who are suffering in THIS COUNTRY ! Why is it ALWAYS the United States job to save & babysit the rest off the world ? We arm & give BILLIONS of dollars to shit-torn cesspool countries and get nada in return. Who comes to OUR FUCKING AID when natural disasters or terrorist (911) acts happen?

    • Sharon Donnelly

      I think EACH of us needs to consider what would cause a parent to send a seven year old girl to a foreign country, and, incidentally, be raped by on the way here AT SEVEN YEARS OF AGE-take a look at YOUR seven year old daughter, Fathers…who is behind the money that fuels the drug wars that are causing the unsettled conditions in South America. Those poor, disadvantaged South American people can’t afford, nor do they want, the drugs concocted and sold by the Cartels…those drugs are sent to us, citizens of the United States, who are now crying “not in my backyard”, to the victims of the very drug cartel action that we gladly send millions southward to support…and then, as a bonus, when these users become addicted, we pay for their medical benefits and dole out the welfare. Why aren’t these sign-carriers picketing against the abundant AMERICAN welfare users who are living off our welfare system generationally. The South Americans are a drop in the bucket compared to the users/abusers of the system in our own country and I don’t see any pickets. Given a chance, these new immigrants will go to school and work…something we can’t make our own citizens on welfare do. I acknowledge that there are those of EVERY color and race and social class that will take advantage of the chance…but I just don’t see that many seven year olds sporting gang tats and flashing gang signs. Cull the riff-raff, send them to Sheriff Joe. My vote would be for sending the Military but we did such an abysmal job in Vietnam, Je Arpeio has a plan! STOP THE DRUG TRAFFIC HERE AND IT WILL GO A VERY LONG WAYS TO SOLVING THE PROBLEMS THERE.

  • Jim

    Bethany Christian (or should I say non-Christian) services has a private school for these kids set up in Cutlerville. Bethany receives on average $12,000 per child each month. $12,000 PEOPLE! That's your money! And they want to expand their program so they can rape taxpayers all the more. No one cares though. Immigration, great, send them here but not at our cost. Let them pay like everyone else!

    • Sharon Donnelly

      …and our American citizens-of whom there are more than the immigrant count- who sit on our welfare rolls, shouldn’t we be out picketing them by virtue of being concerned about misappropriation of our tax dollars? New immigrants go to school and work as fast as they can, have you ever seen a foreign immigrant carrying a “Will work for food” begging money sign instead of taking ANY job, didn’t think so?