Premiering tonight: reality series starring Dark Horse Brewing Co.

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MARSHALL, Mich. - West Michigan already has a reputation for 'home-grown' beer and you may have heard the History Channel is about to debut a brand new show about the Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall.

'Dark Horse Nation' premieres on Tuesday, July 29, and the brewery is inviting everyone out to a party that kicks off at 7:00 p.m.  But before the city's secret gets out, we wanted a taste of the pre-show buzz around the town.

"Just a quaint town," said Tammy Lozon who lives in Marshall.  "Like most small towns, most people know each other."

But for this reality series it's likely the farm houses, leafy residential streets, and a picturesque fountain in the center of town be just a backdrop for the star of the show.

At least that is the opinion of bar regulars like Eric Flynn. "Quite honestly, Dark Horse is becoming one of the bigger businesses around."

There is definitely excitement here for what's coming.  On Tuesday, the place will be packed with people for a watch party.

But for some, there is also a little uncertainty.  For years, Marshall has been a well kept secret among locals.

"It's like my favorite hang-out," said Flynn.  "I come down here to hang out with my friends."

The thought of sharing such a quaint place is hard for them to swallow, which would definitely be a first for a place where the food and beer are known to go down easy.


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