Witnesses say teen mom watched as her infant was rescued from across the street

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. -- Neighbors who said that they discovered a newborn baby on the side of the road on Monday morning also said the baby's teenage mother watched all the commotion from her home across the street.

"She actually was outside when we found the baby, because she was over feeding her dog," said neighbor Kathleen Neal.

Neal's father discovered the infant sitting naked on a pile of grass, she noticed her teenage neighbor watching what was going on, she said.

"[The girl] kept looking over here, and that kind of made me suspicious. And when I hollered at her and waived her over here and told her and then asked her if she knew of anything or saw anything, and she said, 'No,'" said Neal.

Investigators asked neighbors if anyone in the area was pregnant, and that’s when officers started to focus on the teenage girl, Neal said.

Neal said that officers spoke with the teen inside her home before taking her away in an ambulance.

"She didn't say anything to anyone when she came out onto the stretcher," Neal said. "She covered her face as she came by everybody. We are not going to shun her. We are not going to hate her."

Since 2001, Michigan has had the Safe Delivery of Newborns Law, which allows a mother to surrender, without penalty, a newborn under 72 hours of age to a police station, fire department or to a hospital.

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont told us employees are taught how to handle an infant surrender.

"We train in all policies upon orientation and also annually for these types of events, so we are very secure in making sure the infant is safe and well taken care of," said Barb Wainright, director of patient safety and quality risk manager for Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital.

Michigan law says the mother must surrender the baby inside, and the person she gives the baby to must be in uniform displaying a name badge and identify themselves as an employee.

Gerber Memorial said that, while it’s rare that an infant is surrendered at their facility, it’s still an important eventuality for which staff is always prepared.

"Naturally, we will follow this law as it is written to keep that newborn safe and to get it to the appropriate location it needs to be," said Wainright.

The teenage girl’s father said he knew his daughter was pregnant after the baby was rescued, neighbors claimed.

The baby girl's condition is unknown, but witnesses said the she seemed to be in good health aside from a few scrapes.



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      • Stephanie

        Exactly what my friend, Brenda B. & I were talking about yesterday!!! Her Dad knew she was pregnant, she lived alone with him, neighbors never saw any boys around…makes ya wonder!!! Plus, at 14yrs old, how in the world would she get any baby to a safe haven surrender place??? Ride a bicycle?!?!?! Believe me, I feel terrible for that baby to start life this way & am grateful she was found!!! I sincerely hope the baby is NOT given to the 14yr old Mom or GRANDPA. I hope White Cloud/Newaygo County figure this one out QUICKLY!!!

        • Lynnzie

          Them were my thoughts as well.. Make you wonder who’s idea it was too. How did she deliver it on her own? Thats a lot of pain for a 14 year old to go threw alone. But glad they are ok.

  • Kymberly Helton

    She should still get in some sort of trouble for it, what if no one ever found the baby it would’ve died and if she has enough sense to spread her legs and have a baby she should have enough sense knowing that baby could have died because of her selfish needs.

  • Hilary

    What 14 year old doesn’t have selfish needs? SHE’S 14 not an adult! What 14 do you know that has enough sense to make an adult choice?

    • danielle

      Thank you no one knows what really happend how does anyone know she wasnt raped or molested what would you do?….right at 14 with any situation she might have been going through you wouldnt even know what to do so stop bashing her. Untill they tell us what really happend to BOTH the baby and young girl.

  • Shirley

    If father knew she was pregnant. .why didn’t she tell him. Doesn’t make since to me.
    A quiet teen girl that keeps to her self. ..father knows she’s pregnant and yet this happens. ….perhaps there’s more to story…..
    I hop

  • Shirley

    I hope they intensely question the girl and her father along with people that know them. ….plus DNA on both. ..Just saying…

  • Bonnie

    After reading the above account. You can take it two ways. Did the father know she was pregnant before the baby was born or after it was born?

  • Marcie

    Still at 14 you have common sense…it doesn’t take a “adult” to know that you can’t just dump a baby or child on the side of the road and expect no consequences. So my question is where did she have this baby and how much does her dad reall know about the situation? Something isn’t right there.

  • Connie Boyce Pinks

    I am glad this baby is safe,I don’t understand alot of so called adults had to plaster this minor child’s name all over Facebook..They will get to the bottom of this and This child herself has to live with her choice of what she has done.. May she get the help she needs…We all do not know the whole facts of this and when the facts of why comes out maybe people will be more understandable…I would never myself do that to a innocent baby ,But We are not her Judge and jury…She has too live with this the rest of her life..

  • my2cents

    when I was 14 I didn’t know anything about safe haven laws, I didn’t find out about them until I was almost 20 and a new mother myself. it is so easy to look and say what an idiot she is and it seems obvious to those who know the options to say she should have done x. Parents need to spend much more time talking to their kids not just about safe sex, but what they can do in the event of a pregnancy. we all hope our kids stay virgins or would at least come to us but that isn’t the case and at least if more kids knew about these options (planned parenthood, safe haven laws, etc) they would be better prepared if it happened to them or to one of their friends.

  • tiffiny

    The mother should be in some kind of trouble a dirt road is not where the law says she can leave the baby within. 72 hours.adult or not she is old enough to know
    right from wrong.

  • Deborah Mac Arthur Aldegarie

    Sounds like she wanted the baby found, she was watching. The father might have made her do that, she was scared. She’s been through a trauma, I think she should be given some slack here. Something is not right. I’ll wait for the facts. In the mean time, pray for her and her baby if you’re the praying kind.

  • Lorie Coxsen

    It doesn’t matter now what she did or didn’t do. There will be consequences and she will have to face them..let those that have never done anything wrong in their life be judgmental..the rest of us average people will just hope for the best for her and the baby.