Alleged father of abandoned infant denies paternity to FOX 17

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. -- There are new details emerging after a newborn was found abandoned alongside a rural Newaygo County road this week.

Court documents reveal that investigators believe the mother is a 15-year-old girl that lives across the street from where the newborn was found.

The documents also list a possible father of the infant, who has been identified as a 14-year-old boy. The boy said that he had no idea that he was connected to this situation until a sheriff’s deputy knocked on his door.

"They told me straight to my face that I was listed as the father," said Thomas Coxsen.

Coxsen, who is listed as a potential father in the documents,  said earlier in the week investigators paid him a visit, asking him questions about his relationship with a 15-year-old girl who admitted to giving birth early monday morning. The teen mom admits to leaving the baby on the side of this road outside her home near White Cloud.

Denying any sexual relationship with the infant's mother, Coxsen said that he’s agreed to take a paternity test to clear his name.

"I'm not the father. I don't know why they keep accusing me being the father. I've never had sex with her. I mean she was like my little sister, so I don't know why they keep accusing me of it," said Coxsen.

Investigators said that the teenage girl denied giving birth at first, but other evidence in the home led to further questioning with the teenager later admitting she’d given birth outside the home near a fire pit. She admitted that she set the baby on a patch of grass near her home, hoping someone would find the newborn. About five hours later, a neighbor walking his daughter’s dog made the discovery and called police.

Luckily, witnesses described the baby as healthy and were just thankful the infant was still alive.

Coxsen’s family said that if he was the father, they would have stepped up to care for the child.

"If he was the father, and their family didn't take care of her, our family would definitely take in the baby no matter what. That's how our family is. You know, we've got a real strong family structure," said Coxsen's brother Jim Carlson.

Coxsen said that he’s confident he will be cleared,  and said that no one around the teen girl knew she was pregnant.

"Take the DNA test and when it proves that I'm not the dad, I'll be done with it," said Coxsen

Coxsen said that he’s waiting for a letter in the mail with the date and time for his paternity test.

As for the baby girl, the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office said that she is planned to spend just a couple more days in a Grand Rapid’s hospital before being released to the care of Child Protective Services.

Stay with FOX 17 updates regarding any possible charges in the case.

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    • Cyndi Hulst

      With all due respect Mr. Coxswain, I am a bit relieved to see your post, as I was curious why any parent would allow this interview. I hope that you will take proper recourse if Fox17 didn’t have parental consent. I am very sorry for what your family must be dealing with. Best wishes.

    • Ella

      How old is your other son? Any responsible adult can give permission to talk to a minor. Neither one of your kids look like they had a problem with it.

      • Dee Sims

        Why would this boy be brought into the crime anyway? He would not have known she was going to deliver that day or put the baby near the road. Whether he is the father or not has nothing to do with her crime.

        • Bridget Chastain

          DEE SIMS
          Why would this boy be brought into the crime anyway? He would not have known she was going to deliver that day or put the baby near the road. Whether he is the father or not has nothing to do with her crime.

          AUGUST 2, 2014 AT 11:35 PM————————————— I have to agree! I think the young man was responsible to want to CLEAR his name when he was accused. I think he did a good job n DNA test will prove how truthful he was . Regardless if he was the father or not, he should not have been brought into this “crime” unless Police can prove he had something to do with the baby being left like trash. This “crime” was committed by Mom of the new born, granted someone may have helped her, but only those directly involved should b persecuted. Matthew 7:1 & 2 7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.———- I too am n have been guilty of judging others. Bringing this young mans face n name into this before it is proven he had something to do with this “crime” can change him forever. —– Fox 17 u r getting off track here. The young mom n family is the ones that should b investigated till Police can fully get what happened here. Her family should have known she was pregnant n got her proper medical care n helped her to make informed decisions as to Delivery of her baby n what would happen as to who would raise the baby once it was born. Whether it came to her raising “baby Angel” n with what kinds of mental, physical, n monetary help she would have available to her n how many ppl would support her n her choices she now faced …… or whether they would help her to adopt the baby out legally to sum1 who would give that precious baby a gr8 life mentally and physically…… or whether they wanted family secrets, then the baby could have been given up discreetly. Under the Michigan Safe Haven Law: You can leave your baby, up to 3 days old, with a staff member at any hospital, fire station, police station or any emergency service provider that is on duty in Michigan. Supposedly no questions asked. ———- Obviously she had no support from any1 through what she musta felt was a nightmare. I am not making excuses for her, it was truly a horrific “crime” of what became of that baby in her first day of life. Thank God that man’s dog ventured off from their normal walking path n the man that owned him spotted the baby. Thank God the Man n his dog got the help from his women family members n they did what was now best for the lil one left like trash. Praise God, n may the baby get a gr8 life now n may the mother and her family n people around her that “didn’t know or care” enough to help her, now be convicted by God.

    • Sarah R

      As a West Michigan citizen, I’ve been following this story since it surfaced. Can’t they just leave the girl (and all parties involved) alone? She’s a minor, way too young to have a baby. She’s probably embarrassed and/or emotional wrecked. Maybe she didn’t know better to throw the baby, maybe she comes from an abusive family, we will never know the real story. I just hope the mom and baby gets the help (and family) they need.

  • Jack H. Allen Jr

    I agree…WAY too irresponsible of Fox17 to post the picture of a 14yo boy who MAY or MAY NOT have anything to DO with this…just because a 15yo girl SAYS he’s the father…COME ON!!! Use a little common sense…this kid has to start 9th grade in a few weeks…can you imagine what he NOW faces from his peers? You can run the story without plastering the name/face of a 14yo boy all over the internet…permission or NO permission…it’s just IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

  • Barb

    i agree Jack . And where to they get off showing his pic–what about pic of the person who tossed this baby out–I do not care if 14 or 24 YOU know that is wrong. I just hope this baby gets adopted by a loving caring family . There is more to this story — all I have seen is that her Dad was cleaning up blood –hmm cover up ?

  • Ernest Taylor

    Really crappy investigative work fox 17. Who cares who the father is. Who left the baby out to die the 15 year old mother of the child and her mother. You people are trolls.

  • Patriot

    A parent has to give permission NOT JUST ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT as earlier stated and how do you know his brother is responsible. ???? That’s why the law makes clear PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. wow no wonder why. Society is all jacked up its full of EDUCATED. IDIOTS

  • imrightyourenot

    Well, Steve. If you actually followed along you would see that the parents DIDN’T allow the boy to be interviewed. The news crew probably came when the parents were at work.

  • Dave Coxsen

    That’s what happened we were in grand rapids mi when they interviewed my 15 year old son with out mine or his mother’s permission and the reporter told my son that detective Mercer gave him his name and address and they interviewed him in my front yard they had to get there info from some body I haven’t seen the girls name in the papers or on TV yet so there for Steve Boskowitz you should know what your talking about before you open your pie hole sign Thomas Coxsen father the Dad who did not give permission for the interview

  • Dave Coxsen

    Charlix2000 when my son takes the the DNA test that is court ordered and they find out he is not the father then you will look like the idiot that you sound like so maybe you should keep your pie hole shut all so and remember he is the alleged father that means they don’t now yet idiot

  • Mother of All

    Im pretty sure the older brother said he would talk and the other said he would too. As long as there is a family member over the age of 18 with him then it is legal. Also, it states that the alleged father wanted to clear his name so maybe….just maybe he told them it was okay with the parents or he asked them to speak with him. Dont be hard on this kids parents. They didnt make any of this happen. Relax everyone!

  • M. Moore

    Look here all of you that Fox had no right putting my minor cousin on television without his mother and fathers permission. And trust me if he was even remotely aware that a girl was pregnant with his baby we meaning our family would be raising this innocent baby girl we take care of our own. The paternity test will prove that he is not the father. So back off of my family they had no right to do an interview without his parents with him

  • robyn w.

    That girl knows damn well who the father is & I wobder if he is older & she is protecting him from going to jsil. As for the girls parents…did they not have a clue she was pregnant? I can’t imagine what she went thru having a baby all alone in the wpods…my god!!!

    • dcoxsen

      I agree Robyn w and when my so proves he is not the father then the detective that thinks its my son’s while have to earn his paycheck and and he should apologize for all the bs he said to my son just saying I know it won’t happen

  • salwilky

    Coxsen family, You have well spoken children. I believe your son was just trying to clear his name publicly. Although I don’t believe they should have been interviewed without your consent, they did well. I can’t imagine anyone ever abandoning an infant. The birth mother and family can not possibly be in their right mind to allow such an abhorrent thing to be done to an infant as leaving the baby out to basically die. I hope all goes well and your son is cleared of any involvement. Your frustrations are justified.

    • dcoxsen

      Thank you SALWILKY that’s what he wonted to do and I think he did a good job and he while be cleared and then they will have to do there jobs and the mother will look like a fool again

    • lcoxsen

      They are well spoken and well brought up..I wonder if the people on here making all the comments about my son and his parents would feel the same way if it were their sons name on the line.??

  • jessa

    Im just still not understanding why they are so.worried about who tht babys father is whn they need to be investigating her an her dad on to why they threw the baby out like trash to die are we forgetting tht an just lookin for the dad now because its obvious tomas was there whn she threw tht bby away .

    • lcoxsen

      The corrupt police in that town never do things the way it should be done…and to all those commenting …the DETECTIVE gsve my sons name to reporters… So yeah why don’t you all join the Coxsen family against a corrupt force.??!!! Remember AMANDA LANKEY…?? I do I lived through that too..Oh and all you judges out daughter was friends with Amanda and my son was friends with her brother…So just remember that law enforcement isn’t always the good guys.

  • Dewy Charmicheal

    This is feminism, male bashing and liberalism run amok! They broadcast an innocent minor male in an attempt to make him look guilty for a crime a criminal minor female did. Vote with your wallets. Contact every on of this news outlets advertisers and tell them why you are boycotting them, then boycott them AND news outlet! I hope the father sues the pants of this news outlet. The irony is FOX is supposed to be conservative and protect the innocent! This is downright criminal and pathetic news reporting.

    • lcoxsen

      Thank you Dewy. This is his mother and we are highly pissed off…the police in that town are corrupt.. There are city and county cops there and if you aren’t one of theirs you get the shaft…for 20 years I have been waiting for them to mess up and they finally did…and unlike Amanda Lankey justice will be served.

    • dcoxsen

      Trust me we are and also the detective for giving my son’s name and address to fox 17 in the first place and the moms parent’s because the mom of the 14 year old put my son’s name out there on the news but she didn’t put her daughter’s name out there and for what they have put my son through we moved out of that town last week because of all the drama and the corrupt police up there we gust want to be left alone no more ties to that town

  • halloween3

    Where are the parents of this girl?? The girl should be in jail and have to stay there the rest of her life. She knew how to have sex and how babies are developed and old enough to screw around. What a piece of Trash to throw a baby away. Trash is Trash and always will be.

  • cheryl

    The 14 yr old boy should have not been interviewed regardless unless his parents was standing by him..Why should his name and picture be put out there but not the girl who put the baby in the grass..Everyone is bashing this 14 yr old boy and his family for what???..What a sad situation

  • Audrey

    Why aren’t they investigating this girl’s dad? What kind of parent doesn’t know their child is pregnant! And maybe he is the father. Going by the lack of teaching your daughter morals and common sense and empathy for a newborn baby, I feel like this family needs to be investigated.

  • veronica

    First of all I know he is not the dad and why ain’t that girl in jail oh yea NEWAYGO COUNTY for you so all of you who think you know needs to leave my family out of this and I know where he was

  • joe

    that little p o s of a lying s o b should be charged along with the girl . we all know now hes a worthless shit head to go on tv and say what he said when he new better. now he will know he will pay for a lot of years.

    • lcoxsen

      If she had said something to begin with then we could have came to a solution..we or our son knew nothing about this until recently..and if you don’t know all the facts..don’t comment like you do.