Groups pose as #ProjectP while police prepare for possible round three

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENVILLE, Mich. – Saturday's rave in Mecosta County appears to be inspiring copycats. Several Facebook groups that may be posing as the original "Project P" have popped up inviting thousands to another party set for this Friday.

Yet while #ProjectP trends nationally, any future plans are cryptic. However police agencies told FOX 17 they continue to monitor social media and intend to stop it.

Zackary Quick is a friend of the four organizers of "Project P" whose tagged jeep is now a party favor from Saturday's rave.

"I had some elderly lady when I was in Grand Rapids cursing me out because her grandson got injured at the party,” said Quick. “I don't like saying it, but it was their problem that they were there."

Quick told FOX 17 that another group is posing as "Project P" on Facebook, while "Project P" organizers have not put out any details about the next rave; which would be their third rave since the first held this July.

"There is a third one in the makes,” said Quick. “No one has any information on it but them four."

A Facebook group Quick said is posing as "Project P" posted a party invitation that was removed from social media earlier this week. They invited more than 12,000 people to a party this Friday at 9 P.M. near Greenville or Gowen.

Then the group removed that location and the host said people would know where the party will be by 5 P.M. Friday, but the page would be deleted. Meanwhile, other groups are making t-shirts to sell under the "Project P" name.

"Oh, they're pissed!" said Quick.

"Project P" Organizer Danny Misner said this Friday party is a “lie,” and “Project P will have no part,” despite the fact that Wednesday afternoon the "Project P" Facebook account posted, "who wants #3?"

"It's not an actual Project P party, they're just using it to get publicity and get people that were there, trying to throw a big party,” said Quick. “I will not be attending it because of that reason. I trust Danny and Jaymo the way they host things more than I would trust random people."

Police agencies across counties told FOX 17 that they are aware of a possible party, and continue to monitor a flow of incoming tips and social media.

"Large parties with young people are as old as time,” said Mark Reiss, Greenville public safety director.

Reiss said that he is confident that police are able to bring enough personnel with a wide range of orderly crowd dispersal tactics to any future raves.

"I don't think we can do any more than what we are doing just to monitor all the tips we get and social media, as far as a location if one even happens, it may or may not,” said Reiss. “But until it does, we certainly can't arrest people for what we think they might do in the future, we can only react to what they do."

A DJ hired for the party on Friday also told FOX 17 that plans are under the radar. He said the organizers agreed to his fee but he doesn't know where he will be going yet.

Thursday at 11 A.M. in Big Rapids, Mecosta County Sheriff Todd Purcell and Chief Prosecutor Pete Jaklevic will hold a joint press conference to address the ongoing investigation into Saturday’s rave and pending charges.

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