Brother of jailed rave promoter describes arrest, takes picture of sister in cuffs

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. —  It’s the party that’s got the nation talking. “Project P” played out at a rural Mecosta County farm property on Saturday night. More than 2,000 people attended thanks to an organized push on social media.

James Taylor, who infamously spoke with us on Sunday, along with Brittany Johnson, who spoke with us on Monday, face criminal charges. Danny Misner has also been charged for his participation with the event.

All three are facing felony charges of furnishing a place for consideration for helping organize the rave that quickly spiraled out of control.

If convicted, they face up to one year behind bars and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Alex Johnson said that he was at Saturday`s rave with his sister Brittany.

Johnson said that on Tuesday afternoon, sheriff`s deputies parked outside their home. He said that about 24 hours later, they returned and put Brittany in hand cuffs.

“I went to go get the mail, and the officer just rolled up said, ‘Hey, is Brittany Johnson here?’ and I’m like, ‘One second,’ then I went to get her. She came out, ‘Hey you… have a warrant for your arrest.’  I’m like, ‘What?'”

Brittany, smiling while in handcuffs posed for a picture taken by her brother Alex.

Brittany told us on Monday that while she didn’t come up with the concept of the party, she did create the buzz on social media that contributed to the turnout of more than 2,000 people.

“I guess you guys are just jealous that you can’t throw a bigger party than us!” said Johnson.

With his sister locked up, Johnson said that his family is trying to raise the money to get Brittany out of jail.

“My mom is working so hard,” he said. “I mean it’s just been crazy. I don’t have a job or anything, so I can’t help.”

“I think the people that actually host the party should be charged, not people from Twitter, like my sister from Twitter, who was just helping people raise, just skyrocketing the party,” said Johnson.

Despite the fallout, Johnson said that after his sister is released, there`s still more partying planned.

“We all want another one dude. Party on! Party on! We want round three! Bring it!” said Johnson.

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  • Donna Slocum

    This is the kind of kids we get when we don’t discipline them! This is the Obama generation! No responsibility and they think everybody owes them a living! They have no conscience and no remorse for anything that they do…sad!

      • CommonSense

        That felony will look really good on your record when and if you ever go to look for a real job.
        Maybe you should spend a little of your “parking fees” that you collected to pay your bail.

      • sickness

        I do know her. All she does is get high. Just like her brother and all their loser friends. Nice upbringing mom. Lookin good!

    • Anna Roland

      Obama has nothing to do with how the out of control kids were acting. You take anything and blame Obama.” Omg it’s a storm outside, it’s only storming because obama’s in office.” Like for real. Don’t blame him blame there parents for raising them like that! I’m apart of “obama’s generation” and I have never once acted or been involved in such foolery.

  • TheFoundingFathers

    Kind of funny back in the day we used to throw parties this big almost every weekend, and I don’t recall it ever ending up with a single person going to jail, oe Over Dosing, or dealing with extradition! What a bunch of dumb asses!

  • brian

    It was a party you trolls. Yes let’s give this young lady a felony charge that will go with her the rest of her life for twittering about a party. Go America.

  • Tara Ells

    You are so spot on with that comment. And, if we did do something stupid, we took responsibility for our OWN ACTIONS. These kids do stupid shit, then sue someone for making it possible for them to be so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    As a parent of one of the Project P Kid, Fox New Please stop, If you keep reporting on it, it just gets bigger and bigger, Its not news to have a girl that had nothing to do with the Project P on. Project P parents are upset for what these kids did. But they did have a dream and made it happen.(we did not know) We do not like the fact that people got hurt, But Project P knew they were going to have to take some responsibility for what they did. So just maybe the kids that did drink to much or take drugs, should have to take their responsibility also. Its called Personal Responsibility.Stop blaming others for what You do.And this Alex, Does not represent the kids from Project P at all. Project P kids are very smart and very caring young men.They have Jobs and they have good families. They had a Dream and Made it happen. again, We dont like it and we did not know, We hope that the drive they had to make this happen, will follow them in the future, So they will go far. But to use that talent for good.

  • Sueme

    If you were stupid enough to go to this party, then take responsibility for what has happened. If you feel that you are going into an unsafe enviroment THEN DON’T GO!!! What the hell… The property owner should not have to face criminal charges for this. PEOPLE ARE STUPID. Take your licks for being so stupid! No one made you go, No one made you drink, No one made you take the pills, or smoke the shit you were partying with. Quit blaming everyone else for the choices that YOU MADE!!!!! Makes me sick, that everyone is so sue happy these days.

  • John

    If she or they actually spend a year in prison will see if after that time she will have the same mentality . A year is a long time with a ton of time to just look 4 walls , young & dumm as always.

  • ZigmanFrued

    I’m simply grateful concert promoters hire law enforcement officers for security at concert venues selling $8 a glass beer to crowds that never drive under the influence.

  • sickness

    More white trash from Cedar Springs that will never amount to nothing. We will see Alex in jail soon as well. He will never have a job othe than being the Mayor of Wellfare Town. How long will his mommy support him I wonder? Hopefully forever so you and I won’t have to pay for him to live.

  • Sheila Baillargeon

    I am a parent of an 18 year old that was invited to this as well but thankfully she was smart enough to tell me about it and NOT go. Some kids are very irresponsible and do not think about what could happen to them in the future.I agree there should be consequences but there are people on here saying how worthless these kids are and how they will never amount to anything and I completely disagree with those of you who think like that. Sure these kids did something wrong but is what they did bad enough for felony charges? That will only secure there welfare application because it’s very hard for people with a felony to get any job.These kids where just being kids so yeah lets ruin there whole life for that. Maybe this is just one thing that wrong with our AMERICA!

  • dirk patrick

    it’s people & parents that say these kids shouldn’t be charged that is wrong with this whole situation…those kids have never been taught that in the real world you have real life in point her posing for a picture in handcuffs like it’s going to help her street cred. don’t get me wrong i’ve partied before because i wanted to do it and i got busted for it. I didn’t cry about it saying it’s not fair I dealt with it. these kids grow up with the attitude that if i get in to trouble i just get a slap on the wrist because everyone is scared to do any type of punishment because mommy and daddy will complain and threaten to sue. It’s about time these umbrella parents learn that there is a real world out there and you can’t always protect your children with threats and lawsuits. I hope they do get charged with something, granted jail won’t help and any kind of punishment will be promoted as they are all just jealous of my ability to party. Too many close calls will end up with someone dying at these parties and then maybe they will get charged as accessories and spend their lives in jail. As for a felony on their record yeah they will be welfare recipients, but we all know they already are through their parents in their double wides, sorry “modular home”. Thats how those kids are raised live off the government, don’t work or if you do don’t work for a lot of money so we can have more welfare, get pregnant as often as possible (more kids = more welfare ;) , plus more tax money we can waste on stupid stuff), and if you get in any kind of trouble we will complain that they are discriminating against them because you are such a “class act” and the trailer parks most memorable prodigy. I mean look the brother doesn’t work the parents have to raise money to bail their daughter out of jail, if it was my kid i’d let them stay right there, apparently EBT cash assistance won’t cover bailing her out. FYI Obama has nothing to do with any generation it’s stupid people who give excuses like that, that should wake up and realize people have been raised into being like this since the early 1990’s, it’s been referred to as the “Mr. Roger’s Generation”. It’s too bad that it’s going to be someone dying that still will not make those kids realize their actions have consequences and mommy and daddy can’t always help.

  • Patriot

    Those kids will not end up with felony charges ! They will be pled down to misdemeanors happens every day all day . Usually they love to add other charges so they have a tool to bargin with to get a plea ( dropping the smaller for a plea for the larger offense) in this case there are no others and this I guarntee charges are reduced . INFACT the prosecutor had no dam idea what to even charge them with . It took days to figure it out and comb the law books . Had they known what to charge them with they would have done it much sooner as they knew one was leaving to Cali . Its all a crock , I grew up in the 80 s and we had parties in the orchards and everywhere else and there was a cover charge to help pay for the kegs and nobody was ever arrested on such retarded shit . They’re charged with felonies due to non stop media attention and public pressure . People can’t mind there own business these days and can’t stand it to see anyone have fun . Oh that’s right there were ods and a claimed sexuall assualt but do the math peoe
    Per capita that shit happens EVERYDAY through out this state . And I wonder what the woman wore to this party who was allegedly assualted ? See through yoga pants and a thong . Why do these girls dress like tramps and porn actors and then act like they had nothing to do with it ? For forsake get your clothes on and certainly don’t wear shit like that to a uncontrolled party or drunk boys use your brains