Organic farm looking to donate 500 pounds of produce to homeless

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. – The Coopersville farm and store Let’s Grow Garden Supply said they have a “positive problem”: they grew too much organic food and would like to donate it to the homeless now.

“We’re trying to donate good nourishment to the people who really need it,” said Tom Wall, co-owner of Let’s Grow Garden Supply.

In one year, co-owners Wall and Ronnie Evans said they have recuperated their inherited 15-acre farm to the point of growing about 500 pounds of organic food that is ready to donate.

“We have from watermelons to zucchinis, I have onions, carrots, you name it,” said Evans.

Evans and Wall told FOX 17 that their original goal was to grow an organic community garden, then donate their produce to the homeless.

“We’re looking for a place that we can donate our food to that’s really going to make a difference, locally, and to help people that are in need and not profit from this,” said Evans.

But so far, Let’s Grow Garden Supply hasn’t been able to seal any partnerships. Now they have food that Wall said has a shelf life of up to six months, but is ready to nourish those who need it most right now.

“A standard miracle grow only has 15 elements out of the elemental chart,” said Wall. “What we grow has over 90 of the 115 elements that you can have, and that nourishes you in ways that you can’t get out of normal produce.”

The co-owners said they grow all natural produce grown in compost tea and without any pesticides; techniques they hope to teach fellow gardeners and farmers alike.

“We don’t like the synthetic farmers because the way it’s worked out, and the way they’re ruining some of the fields out here: we’re seeing it in the water runoff, we’re seeing it in all these different issues,” said Wall. “So we’re trying to teach farmers how to grow correctly and do what’s right, and basically bring the land back to the way it used to be; the way Mother Nature intended it.”

Let’s Grow Garden Supply is looking to partner with organizations to donate their produce to feed the homeless for no profit. If you or any organization is interested or would like more information, call Let’s Grow Garden Supply directly at 616-997-0420, or see their page on Facebook.

Let’s Grow Garden Supply is located at 1141 West Randall St., Suite L in Coopersville.

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