Ohio family posts pics of baby with duct tape on face and in roasting pan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST COLUMBUS, Ohio — No charges are being filed against a family who posted pictures of a baby with a pacifier duct-taped to its face and resting in a roasting pan with vegetables, reports WSYX.

The baby’s mother, Kristin Spriggs, told the station that her mother took the pictures for fun and posted them to Facebook.

“The duct tape wasn’t firmly attached,” Spriggs says in the station’s video report.


Meanwhile, child service authorities have been in touch with the family, but no charges were filed.

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  • guest

    I guess this is one of those “you had to be there” moments, huh? Humor was the antithesis of what I felt sitting here in Michigan.

  • AB

    Seriously? what was that mom thinking? I don’t find this funny at all I find it disturbing. We are supposed to be our children’s protectors what if she was forgotten while the mom went to the bathroom and the grandma put the roast in the oven??? UGHH ! (I have 4 children and cant imagine doing this to any of them!)

  • Judy

    This child needs to be removed from the home until a through investigation takes place and the grand mother needs mental evaluation. There is nothing funny about this at all. This is a person with a very sick mind. The mother must have some problems also as she wasn’t too concerned…

  • Sue

    Not long ago a man had taken pics of a baby boy in a roasting pan setting on the oven door and some thought it was strange but months later he and another sick man were arrested for child porn and they had exchanged some very sick emails about what they would do to the little guy sexually and even about eating him….too many sick people out there… How about just for the fun of it, duct taking these adults mouth shut. Sick people! What is the real story here?

  • Relax

    Everyone needs to chill out. Child protective services did do an investigation, although it was obviously unnecessary and blown out of proportion, and they came to the realistic conclusion. People take pictures of their children in funny poses. Have you never, ever, in your life taken a goofy picture? It literally lasts 2 seconds, so settle down, find the humor in life!

  • --ooooo--

    If what that so called mother of the infant is saying is true, That it was the grandmother that did this- She should be keeping baby away from psycho granny!
    This is very sickening and not in the least bit funny!
    Grandma there needs some duct tape and a straight jacket!
    What in the hell are those people on there in “O-High-O”?
    They need to be pro active and get this poor baby away from the Manson family!

  • Mary

    What a horrible thing to do to a child that cant protect himself or remove the tape from his mouth..I dont find this funny at all…someone should do it to the parents and post it on facebook and all of us laugh about it…..

  • severson12

    I’ll bet they were trying to create an Anne Geddes (www.annegeddes.com) type of image. Anne Geddes is well known for creating adorable baby images with food, flowers etc. Their image wasn’t very well done and caused more anguish an awwwww when it was viewed.