Gas station owner accused of touching customers, exposing himself

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. -- Gas station owner Tarsem Chand, 25, told FOX 17 the allegations against him have been blown out of proportion. However, one of his alleged victims begs to differ.

"I just went in to pay for my gas, and he just came walking behind me and grabbed me right in my butt," an alleged victim said.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, added, "I didn't know what to say. I just was like in awe."

She agreed to speak about her interactions with Chand. He owns and manages the Phillips 66 gas station in Constantine on North Washington Street.

The alleged victim said she's seen him several times at the store, but she said one day he touched her inappropriately.

She said she felt violated.

Watch the video to hear her in her own words.

Two other woman, who she knows, said Chand did the same thing to them including exposing his genitalia.

FOX 17 got a hold of probable cause documents. Chand is reported to have told one woman that he was desperate for sex.

When interviewed by detectives, police said Chand admitted to the allegations in great detail and said his wife is out of the country. The interview is said to have been recorded.

Police said Chand justified his actions by saying, "It's not like I raped them."

Since then, he's been charged with aggravated indecent exposure and three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the 4th degree.

The alleged victim said, "He had found me on Facebook afterwards and wrote me on there, just apologizing for what he had done to me and asking me not to press charges."

FOX 17 asked the woman what she wants people to know.

"If it has happened to them... to come forward themselves too. I mean, don`t be afraid to. It`s not right what he`s doing," she said.

According to his criminal record, Chand pled guilty to indecent exposure in January 2008. He served 18 days in jail and 24 months probation.

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  • Ashley Lynne Smith

    they should be investigating grand rapids gas who the owner of all the GOLO gas stations i worked for them after repeadly being asked out of dinner by the owner was fired,…along with three other girls who refused his advances as well

  • Yoda

    Why did you allow him to get away with it?
    If my daughter told me her boss was sexualy harrassing her- he’d get an adjustment.
    Your husband should have tuned him up.
    Somethings are worth jail, a daughter is one of them.



  • dylan britton

    I actually know this person and graduated near him i believe people are blowing this out of proportion the woman was probably stealing i know tarsam ran up to my car after i forgot to pay once the media sure does like to blow things outta proportion get your facts straight people!

    • Darren Cunningham

      I reported what police and the alleged victims have stated. According to the probable cause document, Chand admits to the accusations. He also pled guilty to indecent exposure in 2008, according to his criminal record. The facts have been reported and attributed. Thank you for your input.

  • dylan britton

    Oh and one more thing constantine has become a drug haven for criminals people constantly steal from every store in town so i side with tarsam on this one!

  • Emilie Helen Hutchison

    I actually know him also. We were in the graduating class of 07. This is really hard to believe. Hes always been so reserved and quiet. On the other hand if this is true and seeings how he admitted to it he should be punished. No woman deserves that. I feel sorry for his family. They are probably humiliated from the back lash from this.

    • Lilac Leah

      They are good Hindus. Their faith will get them through this. The Chands are a good family, a good addition to our town. Better to have at least one OPEN gas station in Constantine. As it is, now we have three closed stations (four if you count the old Spencer’s 66 station) and a couple of them should be condemned/torn down, good candidates for a state “blight grant.” Hooray the Chands are doing so well. They are Indian and Hindu.

  • Marcie

    I was a manager where Tarsem worked at. He was a very nice kid!! NEVER any problems. I completely do not understand how this is the same kid I worked with:(

    • nastys ex mother

      Need to look at the accusers. Hmmmm. Why keep going in there. Sad situation for him. This girl was with 4 guys in one month. Now him

  • Michelle Sites

    I also know him, I believe this is blown way out of proportion! He is the owner are these girls after him for money??? R they making up a bunch of lies!!!! And Darren Cunningham go head stick up for these girls…my question is were you there when this all happened??? NO…u just going by say no facts or nothing….isn’t it also kind of funny these two girls he supposedly did th is to r
    great friends..!!!

    • Lilac Leah

      I agree totally with you, MIchelle. If you go to the Shell station and see Tarsem, especially when his father or wife are there.. he’s very respectful. He’s a Hindu. He regrets what he did.

  • andrea

    I just heard bout this yesterday..him doing this to women….n I need to know how long u have to come forward? Is there a time limit….

  • Lilac Leah

    I live in Constantine and know Chand and he’s not a bad person. I know it sounds bad here, but I think he regrets what he did, and has morals.