Family speaks out after Ice Bucket Challenge becomes ‘sick joke’ against teen with autism

*WARNING: Portions of the above video are disturbing; FOX 8 says family members have asked that it be made public to make other parents aware of bullying*

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — An Ohio family is outraged after they say a teenager with autism became the victim of a cruel prank while trying to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The boy’s mother Diane, who is only being identified by her first name, spoke out to FOX 8  about the incident.

She said that a group of juveniles put feces, urine, spit and cigarette butts into the bucket that was later dumped on her 15-year-old son.

“The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke,” she said. “I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel.”

She later discovered the video on his phone, and said her family wants it to be made public to make other parents aware of bullying.

“I want these kids held accountable for what they did to him and they targeted somebody who just didn’t really understand what was going on,” she said.

A spokesperson for the boy’s high school tells FOX 8 they are working with Bay Village Police as they investigate the incident.

Read more at FOX 8



  • Marcelle Grassett

    I wont even watch it , i knew it was just a matter of time before someone made this a bad thing…i say lock the boys up that did this to that young man..smh…what has this world come too..i wish i had enought money to buy my own island and get the hell away from ppl. smh

  • Kathy Smedley

    The school is working with the police investigating this incident? What a joke! The boy knows who the others were that did this to him, why haven’t they been arrested yet? This at minimum is assault and battery. Charge the crapheads already, and get some justice for this boy and his family.

  • Jane

    The so-called “kids” or “bullies”, intimating that they are actually human, are more disgusting, despicable, and filthy than what they poured on that poor boy. They should be drenched with exactly the same fluids they poured on him, and then walked through a gauntlet of people spitting and throwing more of that filth on them.

  • thuggie1

    dear god these people are filth human garbage, they should be locked up not only is that taking advantage of a vulnerable person. the diseases that can be passed on these people are human garbage, this boy is a victim and his attacks should be locked up

  • Zegota

    You need to have responsible and accountable Parents to have children that are accountable, but sorry to say, that is something which is slowly being outlawed, or politically and liberally corrected.
    God Bless the Constitution, and the Nation of Israel.

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