West Michigan couple welcomes 13th son

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Kateri Schwandt holds newborn boy on Wednesday (Photo Courtesy: Jay Schwandt)

ROCKFORD, Mich. — It’s a boy!

Jay Schwandt confirmed to FOX 17 that his wife Kateri gave birth to their 13th son Wednesday morning.   The baby was born healthy at approximately 9:06 a.m., he said.

Jay and Kateri have not yet decided on a name for the boy.

The Rockford couple announced last October that they were expecting their 13th child.

“We are crazy. I mean to each their own, you know what I mean. We have  a lot of friends that have you know one child or no children. You know, we get plenty of comments, you know out there online about you know how crazy we are and how unfair it is and everything. It’s not for everybody. We enjoy it. We love having 12, now 13 kids. It’s fun,” said Jay Schwant.

The Schwandts made national headlines in August 2013 when Kateri gave birth to their 12th son.   Their oldest son is 22.

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  • kevin478478

    We posted this here before birth (3 days ago):
    “Yes, 13th would be a boy. We say this with quite a high confidence because of the following reason.

    We have discovered that just like there are two kinds of sperms, actually ‘determining’ the gender, there are two kinds of menstrual cycles, one suitable for conceiving a boy and other for a girl. This difference is due to ‘alternating’ ratios of testosterone and estrogens in uterus in every cycle. We have developed strong methods to identify these cycles and 92 out of 100 couples are already getting the babies of their choice simply by conceiving in specific cycle suggested by us. We call this test PreGender Preconception test.

    Now, we have also seen that some couples are sensitive to conceive easily in boy cycles (or girl one). When that occurs, they end up in getting multiple babies of the same gender. The probability theory does not work in such a case. This is why we think, this couple will have 13th boy although we have NOT tested anything from them.

    All couples who have 2 or more babies of same gender wanting to balance their families, MUST go for PreGender test so that we may guide them in which cycle to try and which to avoid. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Gender diets, douching, books or charts don’t work. People went for those ‘hit & try’ gimmicks because there was no guiding technology available. NOT ANY MORE. Days of just keep trying are over.