Problem Solved: 101-year-old gets much-needed refund from state treasury

HOLLAND, Mich. — Thanks to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers 101 year old Winifred Biles finally got her refund from the state of Michigan for $1,157.

“I’m taking it straight to the bank,” Valerie Roosa, her daughter said.

Roosa explained, “She’s 101, and she depends on that money.”

Frank and Valerie Roosa reached out to the FOX 17 Problem Solvers for help last month. For 23 years, their mother has filed for the Homestead Property Tax Credit. It’s a refund low-income homeowners (and renters) can apply for each year. For the past 5 years, the family said the state has given Biles a hard time. However, after the Problem Solvers contacted the state treasury department the red tape disappeared.

“Oh! Come and I give you a cuddle,” Biles expressed her gratitude.

The family said it’s not looking for a handout and feels the state keeps flagging her because of her age. Biles is 101, lives on a fixed income and depends on the tax credit to pay her bills.┬áRoosa said she’s tired of the state delaying payment.

“The biggest frustration is they don’t respond. They never respond to your phone calls or your letters,” Roosa said.

She added, “If they delay things longer, they keep that money back, and people that are helpless and can’t fight for themselves…”

But the family is glad it called the FOX 17 Problem Solvers.

Roosa said, “I think you getting on the job and contacting the state of Michigan. That made a big difference. I really truly believe that had we waited and waited and waited, my mom would still be waiting.”

Roosa said the state claimed there were errors in the paperwork. But he said that’s not true and said the state’s been giving excuses along with the delays for the past 5 years. The state treasury told FOX 17 it cannot comment on individual cases because of its privacy policy.

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1 Comment

  • David

    I’m going through this exact same thing with my 2011, I got my 2010,2012,2013,2014 but for some reason they will not give up my 2011 and I Amended it and everything with no reply and my home is only heated with firewood stove inside,so around February it comes in handy for extra income to catch me up on my Bills and get firewood