Protesters rally outside Donald Trump event

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WALKER, Mich. — Protesters rallied outside Donald Trump's rally at the DeltaPlex, Monday evening. The number of people protesting varied by the hour. Protesters were present at the entrance with signs expressing their opposition to the presidential candidate.

Many said they take exception with his previous controversial remarks on the campaign trail. Particularly his comments about Muslims and immigrants.

"Well, I think that we're doing a good job out here just being a calm, peaceful protest but still getting your point across. That's what we want to do," Brandi Tenhoopeno said.

"We're blue collar people out here. With [workers] coming out, I think you're going to see a big rush. As you see, traffic's backed up and I think you got a big opposition out here, and I think you'll see through the night," Adam Underhill said.

A heavy police presence worked to help with the flow of traffic and keep the crowds under control.

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  • OnIt

    Top story? Really? How about if you tell us how many are there to support him?!
    He’s eating the media’s lunch, & they can’t bring themselves to stop spinning & start reporting.
    They’ve either forgotten what their job is, or don’t even care anymore if their bias is blatantly obvious.

    • Darren Cunningham

      Donald Trump is the top story. We covered supporters and protesters at 4, 5, and 6pm. Perhaps you didn’t see the newscasts or other web article.

      • OnIt

        Good to see you Darren! Now that I have a Fox Rep here, could you tell me why, oh why every link from this online Fox feed is courtesy of CNN?! (AKA Communist News Network heh)
        Are you tied to this unholy alliance, or is it simply your choosing?
        This has perplexed me for a very long time.
        Thank you.

        • Bob Brenzing

          We have a partnership with CNN…and with the Associated Press, as well as our parent company, Tribune Media, to get more content that we cannot get to or confirm on our own from West Michigan.

          • OnIt

            Thank you for your reply, & the opportunity for discourse provided here. I could say sorry about your luck in this instance, but in the spirit of Christmas, let me wish you & yours a blessed holiday season.

  • Gene

    20,000 requests for tickets, a maximum of 200 protestors.
    Math is not my strongest talent, but even I can figure out what that means.
    I don’t understand why anyone would protest the taking back of America from the political elite machine that has been destroying this country since the end of WW2.
    I don’t understand why people place the rights of foreigners on a par with those of American citizens, when the Constitution clearly says that they are not.
    And I don’t understand why adherance and allegiance to the provisions of the Constitution is now openly called “hate”.

    Fortunately, a vast majority of the people in this country don’t feel that way. Fortunately I live in a place where only 1% of the population seems to be that stupid.

    • Steve

      My protest was getting my two tickets and throwing them in the trash, where Trump belongs. Many others did the same. Just because we were not physically present, doesn’t mean the rest of the tickets went to people who believe his tripe.

  • Steve

    How about report on how many EMPTY seats there were as well. I know I signed up and received my two tickets and promptly put them where anything Trump related goes… in the garbage.

    • OnIt

      Not to worry, stand by folks were there to take up the slack for jokesters like yourself.
      Are you getting marching orders from the Hillary campaign, your college prof, your union leader?? Or are you just clever?!?!
      Seems a lot of trouble to go through to get tickets just for the satisfaction of throwing them out….perhaps you should have been flagged by security……bwahahaha…..