Jason Hutton sits down with new Cornerstone athletic director

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich -- In an effort to keep tuition somewhat affordable for prospective students, Cornerstone named Chip Huber as it's new director of athletics.

"It was a big shock for our campus in a lot of ways," said Huber. "Our previous athletics staff has laid an incredible foundation for Cornerstone athletics. Personally I'm really energized.  I`m really excited about the opportunity to, I think, really develop and build a model of what we would call kind of an integrated holistic model for student athletics at Cornerstone where our athletes are incredibly invested in the life of our whole community and our community is invested more deeply connected to out student athletes."

Huber was most frequently asked whether Cornerstone was still committed to athletics at the same level?

"The answer to that is, unequivocally, yes, we still are, we still believe in it," said Huber.  "Athletics for us is an incredibly significant part of our campus community and our campus life. It's a centerpiece in a lot of ways for a lot of what we do around here, and we are going to continue to resource it and have it as a priority."

Around the same time as news broke about the changes at Cornerstone, Davenport University announced that it had accepted an invitation to the GLIAC, a NCAA division II conference.  While Huber says the conference will miss Davenport, it doesn't have a whole lot of effect on his athletic department. "We`re still really excited about being part of the WHAC, and we're still really excited about being part of the NAIA community."

"NAIA, with its focus on character development, all those things, it's a really good fit for us," he said.

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