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Michigan State Police launch effort to educate left lane drivers

ROCKFORD, Mich. - Michigan State Police are out to relieve area drivers of one of the most annoying facets of driving on highways: slow left lane drivers.

Troopers from Rockford and Lakeview posts are on the lookout for "southpaw drivers" now through the end of April.  Motorists stopped for a 'lane use violation' will be educated by the trooper on the law and how the motorist's actions are disrupting traffic flow.

1st Lt. Chris McIntire from the Rockford MSP Post said in a press release that the main reason for the initiative is to educate drivers who don't know that the left lane is reserved for the passing motorist.  He says that driving slow in the left lane is disruptive to traffic flow and can be dangerous, as frustrated motorists attempt risky moves to get around the offending driver.

For the text of the law, click here.


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  • Josh mprrissette

    It would also help if MDOT and MSP posted the law on signs and possibly billboards along highways to inform the left lane campers that it is a passing lane. Also include this in the future driver training courses and have literature handed out at secretary of state offices.

  • Sherry

    Why do people feel they have to pass you if your doing the speed limit and even little faster,they still go left lane to get ahead of you or ride your but as to control how fast they want you to go.I call this Left Lane is a Speeding Lane is all,so it’s ok to use the left lane to pass someone going the speed limit or faster ,they pass.There are way to many cars on the road to all drive in the right lane ,hello haven’t anyone notice this,speeding lane has to be us ed as a driving lane.

  • perry

    In Ohio, and I can only make a reasonable attempt that Michigan and all states are the same….we learned in drivers training what the lanes were for…..

  • AJ

    Simple humility and courtesy resolves the entire matter. We are not all police officers here to enforce the speed limit.
    If you prefer the quality of the pavement in the left lane? Feel free to use it, but do your duty as a driver, and stay aware of what is happening around you. If you see a car coming up behind you at a faster speed? Yield the lane. Get out of the way. Use the lane for passing as suggested. (Unless the right lane is too rough or damaged.) Just use your head. If you are in another persons way? MOVE!