Ideal weather continues over 3-day Labor Day weekend

7 day

WEST MICHIGAN — The comfortable weather will continue, which is great news for Labor Day outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor cook-outs this weekend. High pressure situated over southern Lake Huron as of this early morning writing will only slowly drift to the east over the next four days, keeping us in a rain-free pattern. Here is a look at this morning’s surface map:


With clockwise flow around this area of high pressure, southerly winds are pumping in warmth and moisture into the Plains states. This warm and humid air will become increasingly notable here in West Michigan next week as that high continues to slowly move to the east and our winds become southerly. But in the meantime, the weather looks fantastic this weekend. This includes boating weather… Here is a look at today’s marine forecast:


Water temperatures are still chilly because of the persistent offshore winds we’ve had over the last few days. But with light winds in the forecast through Labor Day, I think we’ll see those water temperatures gradually modify.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and be safe!

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