Video surfaces of deadly officer-involved shooting

WYOMING, Mich.-- Dramatic cell phone video surfaced just 24 hours after a deadly officer involved shooting in Wyoming.

One witness recorded the aftermath of the shooting from inside Harry's Corner, a convenience store on 32nd and Eastern that was right across from where the shooting took place.

In the video, the officers look like they are still unsure if the person they shot was still alive or not commanding them to put his hands where they could see him.

Police have identified the man who was killed as 25-year-old Sadiq Bishara-Abaker Idris.  Officials say he was suspected of stealing a handgun from a gun store Wednesday.

Police say he was shot when confronted by an officer because of what looked like a gun in his back pocket.   Police say he took out the gun and pointed it at the officer.

The video was recorded by Kris Majeske. Majeske said the man they shot moved once, and it was a few seconds later that police realized he was motionless after that.

"To see someone end up falling, and moving one time, and never moving again, and for us to just stand around, to me it felt like I was very very useless," said Majeske.

In the cell phone video you can see police run over to the man and start to give first aid.

Wyoming Police Department said on Wednesday night that they stand behind their officer, who they said relied on his training in this scenario.

"I do believe police were doing exactly what they feel is right, but a loss of any kind is definitely not something I take lightly," said Majeske.

Police said the officer involved was not wearing a body camera, however, dash camera from a police cruiser does exist, but it has not been released at this point.

Sources said there are as many as four cell phone videos that are being looked at from witnesses as part of the investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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