Witnesses testify in Brent Bogseth murder trial

PAW PAW, Mich. — Brent Bogseth was arrested in September 2015 for allegedly killing his wife Kimberly with a hammer and then burying her in a wooded area behind their home in Grand Junction. Thursday, he was in court for his trial.

Several people who knew both Bogseths testified about the days surrounding her disappearance and subsequent death. Witnesses said she went missing in early September.

Old roommate and friend Jonathan Evans said he remembers the day she went missing. He saw her that morning get in a car with Brent and they drove away for work. That night, she didn’t return home. She didn’t return for the next few days either. Brent began to act strangely.

“He seemed kind of strung out, I mean like he needed sleep,” said Evans on the witness stand. “Like he wasn’t sleeping much, wasn’t eating much. He was looking pale in the face. Eyes sunken in like he had been up for days.”

Evans said Brent even washed his clothes with too much bleach at one point. He recalled one time when he thought he saw someone running outside near their home.

“We seen somebody running through the backyard from the west towards the east,” said Evans. “I didn’t necessarily see his face but he was about Brent’s height and about Brent’s build.”

Evans noted that the person ran in the direction of Larry Brink’s house, which is where Police found Kimberly’s purse, in his yard. Brink testified as well, breaking down in tears when he talked about discovering her body. He and his son Josh McGlothlin, along with two pitt bulls, ventured into the wooded area behind the Bogseth's home to look for her. He said they began around 5pm on September 9. At 5:20pm they found her.

“I was taking the dogs back home and that’s when he just come out of the woods freaking out,” said McGlothlin. “He was like hysterical, like he was crying. He was on the phone with the police, right away.”

Trail resumes Friday morning.

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