Paper pumpkins spruce up your home for Fall

Time to decorate the house for Fall! There's an easy way to make cute pumpkins to put around the inside of the house, without the smell or mess.


  • 5 pieces of cardstock, any size
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Wire, Pipe Cleaner or ribbon

Cut your cardstock paper into strips, until you have the desired amount of pieces. The strips should be about half an inch thick, or thicker if desired.

Next, stack your strips on top of each other, and hold punch each end of the cardstock.

Take one end of the strips, and pull through either a wire, pipe cleaner, or ribbon through the first hole. Bend the cardstock and slip the wire through the second hole. The paper should bend into a curve shape.

Securely tie the ends so the cardstock stays curved. Spread the strips apart from each other, forming a round shape resembling a pumpkin.


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