Health Department: 20 Zika cases in Kent and Ottawa counties

WEST MICHIGAN --  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says 20 people have tested positive for the Zika virus in Kent and Ottawa counties this year.

The state health department says there are 11 confirmed cases in Kent County and nine in Ottawa.   There are 53 confirmed cases across the state so far this year.

All of the cases are travel-related and the virus was not contracted locally, according to the MDHHS.  Health officials say the mosquitoes that transmit Zika are not in Michigan.

Officials say as more people travel out of the state, they do expect the number of cases to rise.  The Zika virus can cause severe deformities in newborn babies, so pregnant women traveling are urged to talk to their doctors beforehand or even possibly delay those travel plans.

No pregnant women are among the confirmed cases in Michigan.

Zika cases in West Michigan by county, according to MDHHS: 

  • Allegan: 1
  • Calhoun: 1
  • Ionia: 2
  • Kalamazoo: 4
  • Kent: 11
  • Muskegon: 1
  • Ottawa: 9

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1 Comment

  • Kevin Rahe

    >The mosquito-borne virus is linked to birth defects, including microcephaly
    Fact-check: Of 12,000 pregnant women who had contracted Zika in Colombia this summer, not one resulted in a case of microcephaly. While much has been made of a supposed connection between Zika and birth defects in recent months, we need news organizations to start relying more on facts than hearsay.