Michigan education board to vote on LGBT guidance to schools

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan’s education board is set to vote on guidance to schools on creating an inclusive environment for LGBT students.

The guidelines are voluntary but have spurred criticism from conservative lawmakers, particularly over restroom and bathroom policies for transgender students.

After receiving more than 13,000 public comments, the State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the guidance Wednesday.

Proposed recommendations to schools include making good faith efforts to address students by their chosen name and pronoun when asked. The guidance also urges schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

Education officials say the draft guidance was amended to encourage local school districts to engage their communities in the development of their own policies and to urge greater consideration for parental involvement.

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  • Tarah

    It’s really sad that so much effort is being put into something where it’s just for using a bathroom ! It’s simple you have a lady part use the ladies room you have a men’s part use the men’s room. If your transgender you should have to get surgery. Stop being to egotistical and feeling you have so much more privileges because you choose to be a certain way. We have much bigger issues we have humans starving, no roof over there head. Families being broken apart, this energy should be poured into somthing with a little more meaning not what bathroom we use come on people lets wake up open your eyes to what really matters.

  • Kevin Rahe

    There are too many people who have REAL problems with their body to be affirming the feelings of someone who finds theirs to be a curse instead of a blessing, even when it’s completely healthy and in excellent physical shape. If someone is uncomfortable using a facility designated for members of their own sex (whether they’re happy with their own body or not), they should be accommodated as much as reasonably possible. But for someone whose image of themselves conflicts with their very sex, expecting the rest of the world to conform to their views is unreasonable and unrealistic.

  • No PC For Me

    This is what is important to democrats. not jobs, not the economy, not security of the nation.
    Just letting dirty old men into girls bathrooms.
    And golf.