13-year-old fatally shot by police after pulling out BB gun

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police in Ohio responding to a report of an armed robbery shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who they say pulled a gun from his waistband that was later determined to be a BB gun.

It happened Wednesday night in Columbus.

Police say when officers arrived on the scene, the victim told them that a group of males had approached him and demanded money. One of them reportedly had a gun.

Police say the officers saw three males matching the descriptions of the suspects and tried to speak with them, when two of them ran off. The officers followed them to an alley when police say a suspect pulled a gun from his waistband, and an officer shot him.

The suspect, later identified as Tyree King, was taken to a hospital, where he died.

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  • steve

    It’s very sad that the boy never was taught that if you pull a gun on somebody you’re apt to die. Whether it’s a BB gun or a 9mm makes no difference because the cops aren’t going to guess.

  • jeff

    So, a 13 year old thug involved in an ARMED ROBBERY – a FELONY – points a gun at a police officer and the media attempts to make news of this! Just the media pushing its anti society agenda!

    • J.B.

      From hardcore street thugs who just got done committing an armed robbery and then pulling a gun on a cop in a dark ally to
      “An innocent 13 year old child slain by cop for carrying a toy” in less than four paragraphs!