2 Van Buren Co. law enforcement officers arrested on separate charges

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. – Two county law enforcement officers are in trouble with the law after unrelated incidents in the past week.

Adam Dzwik

Adam Dzwik

Adam Dwzik is on unpaid administrative leave after being arrested and charged with Domestic Violence early in September.  Dwzik is a deputy with the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department.  He was arrested in the Comstock area and booked in Kalamazoo County.  The department took his weapon when putting him on leave after learning of the arrest.

Dwzik was also on military leave at the time of his arrest.

Paul Tessar

Paul Tessar

Paul Tessar was arraigned on September 7th on one charge of Operating While Intoxicated.  Tessar is a He was being held at the Allegan County Jail, but was charged in Van Buren County.


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  • Jay

    And these are the people we are suppose to follow everything thing they tell us to do because they are the LAW what a joke! this is a great example of how police officers of people just like you and me so what gives them the right to dictate what another man or woman does? You speed to Chase down someone for speeding hows your speeding any safer? I see cops get in accidents all the time in fact I got hit by a police officer in a parking lot when I was younger

    • Michael

      So what is your solution? I get you are anti-police but without them it would be complete chaos so what is your solution?

      No it isn’t safe for an officer to speed to catch up to a speeder. It would be fantastic if people would stop breaking the law so that wouldn’t have to happen!

      Even if you do see police officers involved in crashes “All the time” nothing in that statement says they are at fault in those crashes. Statistically studies have shown that police officers have one of the lowest at fault crash rates per mile driven.

    • Michael

      He made a bad decision, not a mistake. He didn’t accidently start the car and drive away after drinking. It was on purpose.

      As a police officer myself this kind of crap is NOT what we, as a profession, need right now. Respect for law enforcement is at an all time low and people like this are not what’s needed to rebuild the public trust.

      Nobody is perfect. That being said no I don’t make “bad mistakes” like this. That is called being a criminal. Criminals shouldn’t be cops.