Legislation proposed to end restraint and seclusion practices in schools

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley testifying at education committee

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley testifying at education committee

LANSING, Mich. – Lt. Governor Brian Calley took a stand in Lansing Thursday over how some kids are discipline in school.  Calley testified before a house committee after finding out that some students are restrained and secluded as punishment.

Calley wants a package of ten bills approved that regulates how a student who acts out is removed from a classroom and where they are taken. The guidelines were adopted by the state school board ten years ago, but he wants the policy to become law for all districts to enforce.

Another part of the legislation would set mandates for plans for individual children who are prone to acting out and make sure that students who are removed are taken to spaces commonly used by everyone.  This would remove some of the stigma of “having a place where just the disabled kids go.”

One lawmaker, Daniela Garcia (R) of Holland thinks the legislation is too wordy.  She says that it seems overly complicated for a simple goal.

The committee did not vote today, but the chairperson says a vote could take place next week.  Similar bills are pending in the Senate.





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