Puppy brings hero and car crash survivor together after five years

ROCKFORD, Mich. - A car crash survivor finally found the person who saved his life more than five years ago thanks to a puppy named Zoey.

Tim Jones was pulled unconscious from the wreckage of a serious crash at a Rockford intersection in September 2011. Tim woke up in the hospital with broken bones and a serious head wound, not remembering anything from the crash.

After five years of recovering, Tim and Tina never had the chance to thank the Rockford Ambulance paramedic who saved his life, Brittany Roberts.

"We were the first ones there before fire got there and found Tim in the backseat unresponsive," Roberts said. "I ended up a week later having my daughter and had not found out any updates on him other than he probably died."

Life moved on for both Tim and Brittany. Now five years later, Tim and his wife Tina are raising puppies.

Coincidentally, Brittany was looking for a dog. Not knowing their paths would one day cross again, Zoey the Chocolate Lab brought Tim's hero directly to his home. As a gift of good will, little Zoey was given to Brittany free of charge.

"We started crying and hugging, and it was kind of cool," Roberts said. "After five years when I thought I’d been told he probably passed away, he’s standing in front of me."

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