Dad charged with killing 4 kids and torturing wife worked at airport, had TSA clearance


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. — A man charged with killing his two children and two stepchildren in Dearborn Heights earlier this week appeared in court on Thursday, as more information about him is seemingly coming to light.

Gregory V. Green is charged with torturing his wife, by tying her up, cutting her face and shooting her in the foot, before fatally shooting her two teenage children in front of her. He is accused of then killing his two daughters, ages and 4 and 5, by means of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In court on Thursday, he told a judge that he didn’t deserve bond. Green’s wife, who survived the attack, had filed for divorce in August.

According to WDIV in Detroit, Green was an employee of Detroit Metropolitan Airport and had TSA clearance. That is despite a criminal history that included the murder of his then-pregnant wife back in 1991. Green had served 16 years in prison for that killing before being released some ten years ago.

WDIV reports that even though the FAA lists a murder conviction as a disqualifying factor for security clearance, the amount of time that had passed since Green’s conviction allowed him to pass by.

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1 Comment

  • Truth*Fairy

    He wasnt just a convict, He was a murderer! Evil slob murdered his pregnant wife..It makes me angry that some law abiding citizens have a hard time getting jobs while these rotten convicts are hired without incident.