Bangor man’s death deemed suspicious by police

BANGOR, Mich. – Police are calling the death of a 32-year-old Bangor man suspicious.

Brandon Zantello was found unresponsive in the apartment he shared with his father early Tuesday morning in the 300 block of Arlington. Witnesses told police that a 19-year-old man had attacked Zantello, but other witnesses told police that Zantello had thrown the first punch and the 19-year-old was defending himself.

Police say that both Zantello and the 19-year-old were using drugs and alcohol at the scene.  The 19-year-old left after the altercation, but came back to retrieve his Playstation.  Police say the 19-year-old is cooperating with investigators.

The medical examiner performed an autopsy on Zantello Wednesday morning, but final results won’t be back for several weeks, after toxicology reports are concluded.

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