City of Montreal bans pitbulls

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONTREAL, Quebec – A controversial ruling in Montreal has some dog owners outraged.

A new law bans residents from adopting pitbulls and imposes a series of rules on those who already own them.  Some of those include keeping dogs muzzled and on a short leash in public and criminal background checks for owners.  Punishment for violating the rules could lead to the euthanization of the dog.

Veterinarians are saying that they have no obligation to putting down healthy animals.

The mayor says that 38% of all dog bites in the city come from pitbulls.  The debate has been raging since June when a Montreal woman was mauled to death in her own backyard by a neighbor’s dog.

Other jurisdictions in Canada have enacted bans, including the province of Ontario and city of Winnipeg.



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  • No PC For Me

    MONTREAL is so… isn’t it?
    They don’t have the stones to deal with the real issue so they wimp out and blame the dog ( just like american libs don’t dare address the real issue of gun violence so they blame the gun ( an object).
    Did you know Obama signed the pit bull protection act? Indeed he did.
    Many dogs like wolfs are still illegal but not pits, for various cultural and politically correct reasons.

    No one dares take on all the dog fighting within those cultures as well, but try and have chickens in your yard in town.

    Even the media will not address the dog fighting epidemic in SW Mi.
    Guess why? Yeah, you’re hearing what I’m saying.

    Anytime PC, race baiters and leftists get involved, things go down hill fast.

    It isnt the dog. its the culture that has an affinity for pits that is the root cause of the trouble with pits

  • Sr

    Banning the breed will not solve anything, how about educating the owners, training the dogs. I’m just so amazed that they think they can make laws and change them when it’s conveint for them. Let’s stand against this and stand for the rights of the animals not allow media reports to fear us into such ridiculous laws.

    • Michael

      The people willing to go to training aren’t the ones that need trained. Training has always been available yet there’s a clear issue with pets killing people.

      Laws are enacted to protect people from themselves when they can’t take care of an issue themselves. Well dog owners didn’t take care of the issue so now there’s a law.