Doubleheader on FOX starts with the Lions; Your Week 4 NFL Viewing Guide

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Are you ready for football all day this week?

Fox has the doubleheader this week, so we’ll see our home team, the Detroit Lions take on the winless Chicago Bears at 1:00pm on FOX 17.  This is the first week since Week #1 that the Bears haven’t been on national TV.  Most of the upper Midwest will see the game since the Minnesota Vikings are on Monday night this week.  The second Fox game will be the mostly national broadcast of the Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco, called by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Over on CBS, there is a doubleheader of sorts as well.  The first game is actually at 9:30am from London, England with the Indianapolis Colts taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars.  At 1:00pm, CBS has Buffalo at New England.  Lansing and further east won’t get a 1:00pm game, but will get Denver at Tampa Bay at 4:00pm.

The first week of byes hits this week, so Green Bay Packer fans – no need to call and complain this week.  Your team isn’t even playing.

Hopefully all goes well with everyone’s Sunday morning programming, unlike the last couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago, the Mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral at 10:00am didn’t air here on FOX 17 because construction crews at the church moved some of the their transmitting equipment.  Last week, Lions Game Day at 11:00am didn’t air here on FOX 17 or any other of the Detroit Lion affiliates because of an equipment snafu between WJBK in Detroit, where the program originates, and some third party providers in Green Bay where the show was broadcasting from.

If everyone has their connections tight and pointing in the right direction, we should have our regular full slate of Sunday morning programming for you this week.

Fox 4pm game map from

Fox 4pm game map from


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