Wet and windy Friday night

WEST MICHIGAN-  It’s been the same old song and dance the last few days and that continues into this weekend.  Friday has begun with rain and will finish with a heavier rain which will impact plans tonight.


By the start of your evening plans and many of the high school games tonight, you’ll see a more moderate downpour of rain which will require ponchos and umbrellas.  There shouldn’t be any cancellations or postponements due to lightning, but we’ll see a steady rain which will require the running game to be in tip top shape.


Expect a rainy start to our FOX 17 Blitz game of the week.  It will also be very breezy with a cold NE wind at 15-25 mph throughout the game.


Gradually as the game goes along, rain will become lighter in many areas and turn to a drizzle by the 4th quarter.  This may not make it any less miserable, but you’ll still have less rain to deal with later in the game.


The good news: temps don’t drop a whole lot throughout the game, so the way you feel to begin your tailgating and pregame festivities is a similar feel to the rest of the day.  Dress in waterproof clothing, bring the umbrella, and enjoy the game!

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