Michigan schools need substitute teachers, how you can help

Even though the school year has already started, many schools in West Michigan are in need of substitute teachers.

EDUStaff is looking for people who are available to work and have a heart for kids and education. You don't need a teaching degree to be a substitute teachers, just a desire to serve the local community.

Being a substitute teacher is the ideal job for retirees, stay-at-home parents, high school, college, and education graduates. EDUStaff will give you all the necessary training you need to become a qualified substitute teacher.

For more information on how to become a substitute teacher, call 1-877-974-6338 or visit edustaff.org.


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  • Melissa

    I was a substitute last year. I did not sign up again this year because edustaff requires the employee to pay a $45 teaching permit fee annually. It was $55 to get fingerprints done. I just couldn’t fathom how little the pay is and still having to pay to basically volunteer. I continue to help out as lunch lady. (Which by the way, the pay is comparable and you don’t need a permit.) You would think with the money Edustaff is making off the substitutes, they would pick up this fee. It’s not the amount of the fee to me. It is the fact they are making money off my credentials and time, they should give a little back.

  • Blacknwhite

    Some schools we subs LOVE. Others we won’t go back because of kids behavior and sometimes lack of understanding of teacher’s plans (or lack thereof) Also if you sub for a paraeducator, you are paid far less. You work hard, but few are going to answer the call because of low pay of paraeducators. Most just want to sub for teachers.