Michigan GOP removes officer who won’t back Trump

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Republican Party has removed its grassroots leader from her post for her refusal to back Donald Trump for president.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said Monday that grassroots vice chairwoman Wendy Day’s stance is at odds with a bylaw requiring the party’s elected leaders to support the Republican ticket.

Wendy Day interviewing with FOX 17 during the GOP convention in Cleveland (file)

Wendy Day interviewing with FOX 17 during the GOP convention in Cleveland (file)

Day had refused to resign, saying her anti-Trump stance will “protect what the party has stood for.”

McDaniel says Republicans are welcome to their own opinion on the presidential race, but Day — as one of 12 elected leaders — has a duty to back the entire GOP ticket and could have remained silent about Trump, but instead voiced her opposition on a TV show.

Matt Hall, a state committee member, asked McDaniel to remove Day from her post.

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  • Chef Waukazoo

    Trump has faults, but consider if Hilliary wins she will appoint 3 or 4 Supreme court judges, try to get rid of the 2nd amendment, make it difficult to own a gun (the new judges will help), and she wants open borders. For these reasons, I must vote for Trump!

  • Gonk

    The Republicans are becoming unwitting puppets of the media. Some are just plain old too dumb to see it and are willing to throw away the Presidency. Has anyone else noticed how scarce or buried the Hillary email scandal stories are on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSN, etc.? FOX is the only major media outlet to even come close to covering the stories. Instead of exposing federal crimes by one candidate, the major media chooses to expose smut talk by the other; taking place on route to a smut television show for a story to be aired on a show covering the smut stars. If Donald were being interviewed by Burger King and he started talking about hamburgers, would it be news?

    • Chief Waukazoo

      I hope enough Republicans wake up and vote t elect Trump! I am very old, and I will vote for Trump, I understand what’s going on. It will be terrible if Hilliary wins. Please vote for TRUMP!!!

  • TexasRanger

    I agree – all Republican party’s should remove anyone who refuses to back the GOP candidate Donald Trump for president. People who refuse should switch to another party.

    Donald Trump has said he was a Democrat 10 years ago when he made those lewd comments about women.

    He now states he deeply and sincerely regrets both of those mistakes.

    But today, Hillary Clinton on the other hand is the most corrupt democrat candidate ever and she continues to do anything and everything she can to rig the election and smear Donald Trump.!

    Here’s Proof of Clinton’s Campaign Corruption – see the video linked below.!