Newaygo County man bags 26-point buck

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo from Tyler Haring

GRANT, Mich. – Take a look at this buck!

Tyler Haring from Grant bagged this 26-point buck at the White House, White Tails Deer Farm.

Tyler is a life-long hunter, but says that this is the highest point buck he’s ever gotten.

His daughter Sandy tells us that this is a life-long achievement for her dad and that he is planning on mounting it.

He says he’ll try and get a bigger one next year.


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  • Ringo

    I live near Whitetail farms and it’s a joke to think it is actually a hunt. Nothing to be proud of shooting a tame deer behind a 12 ‘ fence. Now that you shot the buck untie the rope that held it in position for you. That hunting would be as easy as shooting your house dog or cat. Darn fake hunt!

  • Wendy

    As a daughter of the owner of the deer farm I suggest you actually educate yourself. While the deer are raised they are let go in a several hundred acre wooded high fence and it does take hunting skills. End of story.

    • Icculus

      Come on Wendy..
      As a hunter, I have to say I enjoy viewing your beautiful bucks from the road. But, to say there is fair chase envolved in harvesting your farm raised pets,is ridiculous.
      I have no problem with your business or harvesting your trophies, but this is not hunting.

    • Rich Grooters

      Well, it takes one hunting skill. You do have to be able to shoot accurately. Beyond that these hunts require the same woodsmanship required to kill a cow on a dairy farm. Mooooo…..

    • Sandy

      Thanks Wendy!! You got it right they have not a clue!! What an awesome experience!! Once in a lifetime and I bet anyone that could go and to it would take it in a heartbeat!! A memory that we will always remember!! Thanks again!! You guys are an amazing family and GREAT people!!!

  • bretagne lei

    Pathetic. He’s not a hunter, just a killer. There is zero achievement in killing a tamed animal on a farm. How can he even be proud of himself, yet alone teach his daughter that laziness is something to be proud of…yuck…

  • Sandy

    Just to clear the air!! The news contracted me about the story I let the news know that it came from a deer farm and they still thought it was really cool and wanted to share the story!! All your negative comment will not take away any memories that my dad and I will have forever!! What an awesome opportunity!! This is what is wrong with people these days!! Negative Negative or should I say Jealous much!! So to any of you if you got opportunity like this you wouldn’t take it ohhh yeah forgot you wouldn’t because they are in a fence… lol My dad is a hunter and has got many really nice bucks but this was a once in a life time opportunity and YES we took it!!!

  • Regina

    I was thinking the same thing all the others commented on when I saw this article. First off it tells the city of Grant well you the hunter may be from Grant but the deer farm is in Muskegon County. It is not hunting truly if the deer can’t think on his own to where he wants to roam. This is inhumane and shame on you. The people only have to put food out and they come running like a pet.

  • phil

    I’m sorry but this isn’t hunting there’s no real sport to shooting a animal like this in a cage. this isn’t news worthy they should be ashamed of to put this on the news.the real art of hunting is too sit out in the woods in any weather and hunt for it.

  • MN

    I harvested a deer at Pete’s several years ago and between the fire, friends and food I had an excellent time. The meat and antlers I brought home were icing on the cake. I would do it again any day of the week. Its a shame terrorist groups and rioting cop killers dont get the hate that comes with some backyard venison shopping. What a beautiful animal! NICE!