UPS worker in Muskegon County accused of stealing packages

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. – A man in Muskegon County has been formally charged, accused of stealing while working at UPS.

Arrington Lecompte was arrested following an internal investigation by the company.

UPS says he stole expensive items, including a diamond ring and cellphones.

We’re told the suspect was hired as a seasonal employee.

If you notice items missing from packages delivered by UPS since November 1 you are being asked to call police.

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  • George

    Since it is now illegal to ask an applicant if he/she has a felony conviction record ( thanks Obama) We can expect much, much more of this.

    • Michael

      I believe you have misunderstood what Obama did. Obama signed an executive order instructing GOVERNMENT agencies not to ask about criminal convictions on the initial application. The problem was if an agency received 200 applications the first thing they would do is throw out any application that “yes” had been marked on the conviction portion just to weed out some of the applications. In essence a 20 year old conviction for possession of marijuana could keep the most qualified person from getting the job.

      Applicants are still asked about convictions and background checks are still performed – It’s just further on in the application process. It allows the person’s qualifications become known and an employer to weigh the conviction against the person’s qualifications.

      In addition Obama’s order only applies to government agencies. UPS isn’t a government agency. In essence this has absolutely nothing to do with Obama.