Purchase your very own West Michigan television station

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. – For almost 25 years, it’s been a cornerstone of broadcasting in Muskegon. Now, it could be yours.

WMKG, a low-powered TV station located on Airline Road, is for sale.

“I just want to retire,” said owner Bud Kelly. “The time has come for me to step back and relax a little bit.”

It isn’t without a heavy heart though – since its beginning, the station has been a bit of a family affair. In 1990, Bud and his wife purchased the property and have run the station along with the help of their children ever since.

But in 2007, Bud began entertaining the idea of letting it go, and took to an unexpected but surprisingly sensible market for selling: Craigslist.

Originally listed at $700,000 Bud has since dropped down to $220,000 with a $100,000 down payment and stands by what he claims is a bargain price.

“That’s more or less a giveaway,” he said.

And Bud may not be wrong. He says the property alone is worth $96,000 in addition to a new $70,000 1500-watt transmitter that was added three years ago and is included in the purchase.

WMKG’s first on-air product was a Bingo show, and they slowly added programming throughout the years including a pre-taped square dancing show, religious programming, movies and even live local daily newscasts for a short time.

Eventually, they were picked up by Comcast cable and were able to add content outside of local programming.

Ideally, Bud would want to keep it as a television station, and has his ideal buyer in mind.

“It needs somebody young with new fresh ideas that’s a go getter,” he said, “and that’s what I was back in 1990 and I’m not anymore.”

“It’s now time for me to let it go, and I hope it stays in Muskegon and I hope helps Muskegon grow.”

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1 Comment

  • Michigan outdoors I wish.

    A local show about the fine art of shooting. Do live broadcasters from local ranged, cover the local matches. Do gun shop visits.
    Cover Hunting season, how-to’s, the four rules of safety.
    Sponsor competitions across Michigan.
    Like the old Thursday night “Michigan outdoors” on steroids.
    And as a bonus, it would annoy the local leftist to the nth degree.