West Michigan shares best, worst moments from 2016

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WEST MICHIGAN —  While 2016 was a great year for some, others say it's one they're happy to leave behind.

There have been plenty of big stories, including the deaths of popular celebrities and the election of a new president.

FOX17 wanted to hear your stories and the moments you'll remember from 2016.

All over social media you can't get away from the posts calling 2016 the worst year so far, but we wanted to get out and ask you, was it really that bad?

"My 2016 wasn't as bad as most people say theirs was," said Aimee Ihirwe.

"2016 has been a good year," said Delores Robinson.

"I see that a lot on Facebook and I have to disagree," said Nina Wilson. "Obviously a lot of bad has happened but in terms of my year personally, a lot of good things have happened with my family and friends."

For most people, 2016 was a pretty good year; whether that meant new family members, new jobs or just having fun.

"My year was great!" Robinson said. "I had a new baby, I maintained my household and I'll be moving into my first home next month so that will be good for next year."

"I graduated from Grand Valley State University, got a job and am working full time," Wilson said. "There's been some personal achievements as well and a lot of traveling."

"I did good in school," said 4-year-old Brayden Robinson.

For many people, they're hoping their luck will transfer over into 2017.

"A lot of big things are yet to come in 2017," said Jared Seifert. "I created an L.L.C. called Orindi Ventures and I'm looking to manufacture our product this upcoming January."

"I'm looking forward to a lot of family fun in 2017," said Justin French. "I'm a CEO for a company in Chicago and I'm looking forward to some great growth there."

"I'm hoping the good luck for me personally in 2016 just trails over into 2017," Ihirwe said. "I have my fingers crossed.

"I'm going back to school and I'll have a new house instead of an apartment, so that'll be new for me because it's my first home," Robinson said.

"I'm hoping to do a lot more traveling, as much traveling as I can do," Wilson said. "I just want to be a good person and be good to my family and friends."

Share your best and worst 2016 moments on the FOX 17 Facebook page.

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