Michigan winter ranked ‘second-most miserable’ by Thrillist.com

FOX 17 – We are now in the midst of winter in Michigan and according to two guys who write for Thrillist.com , we have the second-miserable state for winter in the U.S.A.  And #1 isn’t even Alaska!

According to Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch, only those dealing with winter in Minnesota have it worse than us Michiganders.  Alaska comes in third-worst, because, well, they expect it up there.

Winter in Michigan begins well before Thanksgiving and stretches far past Easter, which makes for four-to-six wearisome months of always-gray, always-cold, always-drizzly, but-rarely-snowy-in-a-good-way misery.

The best place to get through winter is obvious – Hawaii. Arizona and California are also in the top 3.



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1 Comment

  • Mike L

    Meh. Michigan isn’t even in the top 6 snowiest States. True, the UP gets some real snow, but the southeastern lower peninsula is laughable in terms of both cold & snow…Detroit averages less than Boston, yet you never hear them whining about it.