“He’s our little miracle:” Neurosurgeon saves unborn baby, meets boy for first time

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- Monday afternoon, Anna and Nate Weeber of Zeeland made their way to Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids to introduce their one-month-old son to the doctor to saved him before he was born.

01-24-17-dr-singer-and-anna-weeber-hug"We just have this bond you know, we knew what we’ve been through together," Anna said of their relationship with neurosurgeon Dr. Justin Singer.

Four months ago, both mother and baby's lives were in jeopardy. Anna, underwent brain surgery for a ruptured aneurysm 25 weeks into her pregnancy. In saving Anna, Dr. Singer saved her son, now named Hudson.

Monday, as Dr. Singer held Hudson, he smiled, admiring 22 inches of perfection, staring at the boy he worked so hard to save.

"Surgeons are not supposed to get emotional," he said. "It was incredibly gratifying."

"Seeing her being so healthy and beautiful and having a beautiful healthy baby a very short period of time after meeting them, when things could have been much differently, is tremendous."

"He’s our little miracle baby," Anna Weeber said. "It's so surreal looking back."

01-24-17-dr-singer-and-anna-weeber-with-babyWe first introduced you to the Weebers last month.

Mid-September, Anna says she was dealing with up to three headaches per week. Then one Saturday, while they were getting ready to go for a walk, she had a sudden onset of intense head pain, and her left side was paralyzed.

Nate called 911, and Anna was rushed to the hospital, where an experienced Spectrum Health team discovered she had a ruptured aneurysm, of which Anna was completely unaware.

Dr. Singer performed the brain surgery that saved her.

A twist: Dr. Singer's wife was 24 weeks pregnant at the time.

01-24-17-dr-singer-and-weebers-share-babiesNow, Anna is in perfect health as she presents Hudson to meet the doctor that saved him by saving his mother. Dr. Singer had his own wife and daughter, Jordan, with him.

Spirits were high, smiles were wide.

"This is the doctor that saved mommy’s life. Can you say thank you?" Nate Weeber said to their 2-year-old son, Declan.

"I took care of Anna as if she was my wife, knowing I made a decision for her, not because of my wife, but really, I take care of my patients as they were my family members," Dr. Singer said. "Taking care of a ruptured aneurysm is a bit tenuous."
The good news here is that there were no complications from the aneurysm or surgery, though Anna says she will have to undergo routine CT scans every three to five years.

The worst thing, is that Anna has started snoring. Her husband thinks that's funny, telling FOX 17 he'll deal with it. He's just glad Anna and baby are alive.

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