2 Bangor teachers resign after video surfaces

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BANGOR, Mich. — Two teachers from Bangor Public Schools submitted their resignations after a video was released showing a group of them making crude comments about other staff members and students while playing a game at a bar.

Bangor Schools’ attorney Robert Huber tells FOX 17 their resignations were submitted Tuesday. Their names are not public record yet as they’re still pending the board of education’s approval.

The video, recorded on January 13,  shows a group of Bangor Schools’ employees playing a game called “MFK,” where they’re given a list of three people and forced to choose who they would marry, have sex with, or kill.

One parent said at a Board of Education meeting Monday that it was "heartbreaking" to hear her 15-year-old mentioned in the video with disparaging comments. Huber, in a phone interview on Wednesday, said "there's no evidence" that students' names were mentioned.

The six teachers were disciplined after the video surfaced:  two were suspended and four others were verbally reprimanded.

Secretary to the Superintendent Patti Waite, also in the video, resigned Monday morning.

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  • Jay

    That video is disgusting. The thought process from the attorney at the board meeting was disgusting. Every single person involved in covering this up should be held accountable. It is inexcusable that until the video was posted they couldn’t do the right thing which was to take responsibility. It must have been hard for them to go to work every day waiting for the shoe to drop. It is time that people do not brush off what in recent months was referred to as ‘locker room banter’ and be held accountable for what they say.

    • William Bahr

      Your point is well taken. The lawyer out and out lied during the board meeting. His obsurd statement that no children’s names were used and the tape showed such. Well I have since heard the tape and yes they did mention student names. Specifically the students with special needs. I guess this attorney works on the trump concept of the truth. No matter what the evidence shows just say it shows the opposite. This whole vile crew needs to be fired teachers , board and lawyer.

      • Tom

        I guess you’ve already researched the political background of all involved. Don’t become part of the problem. Become a Critical thinker. Yes look that up.

      • Chip

        William, you are disgusting. I’m guessing almost every teacher in this video is a democrat. However, it doesn’t matter what their party affiliation is, what they did is deplorable. Moderates like me who voted for President Obama, are getting more incensed by people like you……

  • Sharolyn

    This is terrible and for that lawyer to say they were just playing a game makes me sick. What if it was his kids name involved in this sick game? They are suppose to be role models where ever they go and they failed. Had it been students playing this game and mentioned teachers names, they would have been expelled without a doubt!

  • Jay

    I actually wasn’t referring to politics just morals and how someone can believe crude comments are not harmful or that it was just a game. It doesn’t matter what your party preference is, it is NOT okay to degrade a coworker, a minor, or anyone for that matter. I find it equally disgusting an attorney claims he could not decipher any students being named when I could. This was a young man, who is in their care for education and this is how they choose to spend their time after hours? I cannot even begin to understand why anyone would want this on their conscience, right down to the superintendent and school board and attorney who attempted to make this disappear. I also heard a young man brag about being wasted on a field trip on a bus and watched a woman my age sit there through this whole thing. Could no one think to move to another table, to walk away or to just leave? Just my own critical thoughts on this situation.