‘Shields of Hope:’ Zeeland man fights cancer battle with family and community support

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ZEELAND, Mich. – A husband and father is fighting stage 4 cancer but he’s not doing it alone. The non-profit group ‘Shields of Hope’ showed up to his home in Zeeland to help encourage him as he battles the disease.

Jamie Trolard has been battling intestinal cancer for almost 3 years. His wife and daughters have been there beside him every step of the way and so has ‘Shields of Hope’.

“We brought some friends from Zeeland Fire and Rescue and Holland Police Department,” says Jeff Potter who works at ‘Shields of Hope’. “He’s getting near the end of his battle. I was really touched that it meant so much for him to have us come out and have him sign the car.”

Jamie’s wife Tina says he doesn’t have much time left so he’s decided to come home and have hospice care during the final stages.

“Jamie wanted to come home and be with the kids and his wife where he feels most at peace. And he is kind of just coming to terms with everything that we’ve been going through for the past 2 and a half years.”

The Trolard family says ‘Shields of Hope’ has been a huge help in letting them know they are not alone.

For more on the 'Shields of Hope' organization click here.

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  • Common Cents

    Look up “Rick Simpson Oil” if you know someone with cancer that you want to help. There’s a documentary called “Run From the Cure” that shows Rick Simpson Oil can drastically improve your chances of surviving any type of cancer.

  • Amanda mears

    I am saddened to be reading this as I sit here on my porch and pray for you and your family Jamie. We went to school together and always had lots of laughs and lots of fun. I’m sorry to you and your family for having to go thru such a hard time.. your so young and I’m so deeply touched by your bravery. My deepest regards to all of you and I hope that your family finds some type of comfort in this journey as it nears the end. My thoughts are with you allll and my prayers are very deep.. enjoy what time you have with each other and memories will last forever.

  • Adel abadeer

    May you, Jamie, and your family have genuine inner peace and spiritual hope that things are going to be OK.
    Rest assured that you all are so loved by God,m and by people you may have never met, yet we are brothers and sisters in humanity and in God!
    All love and prayer for peace and comfort!