GRPS to offer Early/Middle College program at Ottawa Hills High

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal capped her sixth State of Our Schools address by announcing that Ottawa Hills High School will be the home to the district's first Early/Middle College, which will give students the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree after completing a five-year program, all at no costs to the students.

The district says this could save students at least $7,000 per degree.

Partnering with Grand Rapids Community College, GRPS says their investing $17 million into a career technical center with focuses on technology, homeland security, engineering, cosmetology, communications, and marketing.

There's also a partnership with Florida A&M University to offer nine $50,000 scholarships for the 2017-18 school year.

Neal also applauded the district's graduation rate, which has gone up 50% since she's started as superintendent.


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  • steve

    I’d like to see figures that confirm the validity of the last sentence of the article. A 50% increase? It’d be great if it was accurate, but I seriously doubt it.