Marijuana advocates launching legalization push in Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Marijuana proponents are launching a ballot drive to make recreational pot legal in Michigan.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol plans to file ballot language with the state Friday.

The initiative is being backed by state marijuana advocates and the Marijuana Policy Project, a national group that has been involved in successful legalization campaigns in five other states.

The ballot committee will need more than 250,000 valid voter signatures to qualify for the November 2018 statewide ballot.

Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana in 2008.

Eight states have fully legalized the drug.

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  • Common Cents

    Everywhere that cannabis legalization gets on the ballot, it wins. It’s just a (short) matter of time for Michigan.

  • Old Bob

    I hope they give out free samples again. I am going to go down there and get as many free samples as I can. Then I can sell the pot to the local pots heads to help supplement by Social Security. Good idea if I don’t get caught.

  • Timmahh

    The face of Regulate Pot for Potholes Like Alcohol.
    Don’t you think Arrests are going to go up when they can use a warrantless cheek swab that turns purple in the Air to prove you were guilty? The Swab was purple, Of course you are guilty.

  • Timmahh

    Ok, Yesterday the MPP/MiLegalize Ballot Language to Regulate & Tax Marihuana Like Alcohol was submitted to the State for Approval. Which is why they released it for everyone to read. It’s with the state to be Authorized for Circulation.
    After reading the language a few times, I see one or two things they will likely have to change before the language will pass.
    You may think my analysis was Scathing, Harsh, Mean, etc…etc…etc.
    How I read it is Exactly how every Prosecuting Attorney will read it, and the Defense Attorneys volley back and forth with the Prosecuting Attornies. So long as you can Afford it that is.
    I want the Arrests to STOP, not be recategorized so they don’t seem like arrests for pot. Instead of Possession, it will be Impaired Driving. Instead of Intent to Deliver, it will be Illegal Transfer without LIE-Sense and Tax Evasion.
    Make no Mistake, Regulate Like Alcohol only recategorizes who and where people are arrested. Is that what Legalized Recreational Marihuana means to you?
    And 55,000 people were arrested for Impaired driving in 2014. Not Drunk Driving, Impaired alone. Ony 22,000 people were arrested for Pot Possession in 2014.
    Don’t you think Arrests are going to go up when they can use a warrantless check swab that turns purple in the Air to prove you were guilty? The Swab was purple, Of course you are guilty. That is all the Prosecutors will have to prove to a Jury. Ask anyone that has been found guilty because of a Breathalyzer when they were not impaired according to the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, but the Breathalyzer Test said you were.

  • Abrogate Prohibition Michigan and Actually End Cannabis Prohibition

    Turning Cannabis into Alcohol will only increase the number of arrest to match those of Alcohol. In 2014, 22,000 Michiganders were Arrested for Pot. In 2014 55,000 Michiganders were arrested for Alleged “Impaired Driving”.
    Turning Cannabis Into LEGAL ALCOHOL will cause Cannabis Arrests to double minimum.
    If you want to Increase the Rate of Arrests, Treat it Like Alcohol.