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Will it rain this weekend? Vol. 2


WEST MICHIGAN-  The exciting saga continues!  We stayed pretty dry during the daytime hours last week, but there was a slight wrinkle in the forecast Saturday morning as a dying complex of thunderstorms moved into our area and left us with cloud cover and a few light sprinkles.

There's a weak frontal boundary that caused a little bit of rain this morning.  This will actually retreat further north and become a warm front before it becomes a stationary front.

How does that affect you? Well Saturday will be virtually unaffected.  If we saw a scenario similar to last Saturday morning with cloud cover and a light shower, it would be Sunday morning.  95% of us stay dry, but the closer you are to the front, the better chance for a sprinkle or some cloud cover is likely.

Expect a fairly breezy day on Saturday as we get those winds to roar from the south and southwest.

Other than a few clouds keeping us from hitting 90 on Sunday (along with those sprinkles or showers north of Kent County and beyond, this weekend looks dry!  So the answer for you this will not rain this weekend!  Enjoy the warmer weather and stay safe!

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