Flooding affects areas up north

WEST MICHIGAN – As we’ve dealt with a couple of different frontal systems affecting the state over the last 48 hours, we’ve encountered a few storm systems that were slow moving and dumped incredible amounts of rain in the same spot over a long period of time.

As you can see from the radar estimated precipitation above, rain totals were incredible over just a 24 hour period.

Some unofficial rain totals throughout our area really show just how vast the differences are between 100 miles or less.  Mount Pleasant had several areas report nearly 7″ of rain in a 24 hour period, and many other locations in Montcalm County received between 3-6″ of rain in that same span.


As a result, sights like this one were very common as low lying areas flooded very easily.

Cars are underwater in many spots, and look at that knee high water!

Probably one of the most incredible photos is this one from Blanchard of a collapsed road!  Good news is that while there are slight chances for light rain this weekend, most of the area will stay dry.

Because of the heavy rain and swollen rivers, a Flood Warning has been issued until Friday afternoon.  If you’re heading to the north, make sure to double check your route and make sure it’s clear of potential flooding as we slowly dry out this weekend.


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