Motorcyclist killed in midday crash on 28th Street

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. — A Wyoming woman died when a car turned in front of her motorcycle and the two collided on 28th Street shortly after noon Saturday.

At 12:05 p.m. Saturday, the Wyoming Department of Public Safety responded to an accident in the 2100 block of 28th Street SW. Officers and investigators on the scene determined that a driver in a silver Dodge Journey was traveling westbound on 28th Street when she turned left in front of an eastbound motorcyclist and the two collided.

The motorcyclist, a 47-year-old woman from Wyoming, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the SUV, a woman from Grand Rapids, was transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Reports from witnesses at the scene indicate that speed did not appear to be a factor. However, the crash remains under investigation.

The identity of the victim is being withheld pending notification of family members.

Twenty-eighth Street was closed in both directions and traffic was being rerouted for two hours while the scene was cleaned up and the investigation was conducted.

The incident remains under investigation by the Wyoming Police Department.

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  • Rain

    Play a game with your kids in the car: spot the motorcycle. See who can spot the most. Keeping an eye out for motorcycles will become second nature when they get their license. Please be careful and aware, I shouldn’t have to afraid every time I hop on my bike.

    • John

      That is a fantastic idea and we’re going to start that today. I have a LED headlight bulb on my motorcycle and use my brights all day every day just to make sure I’m seen. I’ve been hit by a turning car and survived so visibility plays a big role in my every day riding.

      • Sam

        If you put in a LED in a halogen housing, you’re doing more bad than good. A LED bulb doesn’t project light, it throws out uncontrollably. You will blind oncoming drivers, thus creating a bigger hazard than you being seen. This is why I put in a sealed projector on my motorcycle. Light is a controlled light that does not blind other motorists. Look into a Daymaker or JW Speaker 7 inch LED headlight.

  • Christine Rogers

    I wish the State of Michigan would require drivers to learn how to properly identify and recognize motorcyclists on the roads. There have been too many motorcyclists killed because of poor driving skills from the motorists that hit them. It’s their lack of the common ability to see and look before proceeding through an intersection or turn. Statistically, in the State of Michigan, more motorcyclists are killed by drivers who were just plain careless. There should be stiff penalties then, for this “carelessness”. Learn from your actions! Why did I have to lose a good friend forever, to some driver who was just careless and “couldn’t see” that a motorcyclist was approaching at 30 mpg? FOX17 mentioned General Motors devising a barcode for vehicles, to notify them of an approaching red light. Why doesn’t General Motors and other companies, devise a device or barcode to notify drivers of potential objects or motorists in their path, to warn them not to turn or proceed through an intersection, within an immediate distance. An alarm, signal, automatic braking system, just something to warn drivers? Drivers are just plain careless and set their blame on: blind spots, sun in their face/eyes, peripheral blindness, or fault the other driver. My good friend touched the lives of hundreds, always paid it forward, did so much for friends and strangers alike. Facebook has been flooded with shock, sorrow, utter sadness, and anger over her tragic death this past Saturday. Hundreds of people send their condolences and sympathy. We all learned that it was because a careless driver who just “didn’t look” and “didn’t see” my friend approaching, turned right in front of her, and killed her instantly. I don’t have sympathy for this careless driver. It was her careless mistake- she can live with it and pay for her actions on top of that! We will all make sure she does too. RIP MVB!

    • Michelle

      Tje nad thing is she was n the turning lane and turn witj out thinking i was glipping out because she went into the exit side but i can tell you i was holding her hand though this time of need with her with her green eyes looking into mine rest n peace sweet one

    • Michelle

      It hurts so bad because i saw it all i ran to her headed her hand as she took the last brethe she had i prayed so hard and to this day it still bothers me i cant sleep because i see her i eat i cant do nothing but relive it everyday some people need to look before they turn into an exit on a phone and she would still be here WWMD RIP

  • Michelle

    This was very hard for me being there saw it all the lady in the usv didnt ever wait just turned into the exit only and smack the bike it is heart breaking i relive this everyday every hour its hard as she takes her last breath know i was there with her never knew her but live her she will always be a part of me rest in peace

  • Michelle

    This was a very hard day for because i watch all of it happen i held her hand while she knew she wasnt alone the lord needed the wounderful soul in heaven with him its been hard everyday knowing i prayed so hard and looked into her green eyes RIP my sweet beauiful 👼 angel