GRPM ‘Puzzle Room: Quest for Conviction’ opens July 15

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is stepping up their game in attempts to stump the minds of it's visitors with a brand new Puzzle Room.

In 'Puzzle Room: Quest for Conviction,' groups are given the task to convict local 1910s dentist Arthur Waite for committing the famous Peck Murders in Grand Rapids. The group is given access to a simulation of the Museum's Archives, solving puzzles, finding clues, then creating a display of evidence in order to convict the murderer.

The Puzzle Room accepts groups up to 10 people. Tickets cost $10 for museum members and $15 for the general public.

Grand Rapids Public Museum recommends this experience for ages 12 and up, and completed by at least a group of three.

'Puzzle Room: Quest for Conviction' opens on July 15.

To purchase tickets to attempt the Puzzle Room, visit

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