Live – Victim Statements at Sentencing of Dr. Larry Nassar

Video: What kind of driver are you?

A group advocating courteous driving has published the results of an online survey that claims to show that Michigan ranks #15 in the U.S. for courteous driving.

It can be argued that the survey doesn’t mean much, since the multiple choice answers include options that obviously reflect badly on the survey taker. For instance, this question has two choices of that type:

You’re driving on a one-lane road with a speed limit of 40 mph. The sedan in front of you is driving at a steady speed of 38 mph with an open road ahead. Do you:

a. Pass
b. Tailgate
c. Maintain a 2- or 3-second following distance
d. Honk and/or flash your brights


But the video is fun:


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