Police: Woman shot in face at hotel

Wyoming, Mich – Police in Wyoming say a 29 year old woman was shot in the face, and then dropped off at local hospital Saturday morning.

According to the Wyoming Department of Public Safety, the victim first told officer she was shot at a campground in northern Kent County. But deputies with the Kent County Sheriff’s office determined she was actually shot inside a hotel on 28th Street.

Police discovered that the suspect was still in that hotel with three small children. He surrendered to officers without a fight, and those kids were turned over to relatives.

That 29 year old man from Wyoming is now in jail for assault and intent to murder. He’s expected to be arraigned on Monday.

The victim is listed in stable condition, but still needs surgery for injuries to her face.

If you have more information on this shooting, you’re asked to contact the Wyoming Department of Public Safety at (616) 530-7300.

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1 Comment

  • learnedmylesson25

    Depending on the hotel,staying at one on 28th,near the highway,is not for the feint of heart.Lots of activity occurs in some of them.I hear prisoners,who are released,get rooms in some places-paid for by the state (and us).