Roofer accused of shoddy work claims he met specifications

NEWAYGO Co., Mich. -- Peter Hafford said he hired Steve Vanhouten to install a metal roof and paid him $8,870 upon what he believed was completion in November 2016. However, he said Vanhouten did a shoddy job, and even a county building inspector confirmed the poor workmanship.

Vanhouten told FOX 17 he did the job "up to specs" and that Hafford owes him more money. However, Hafford wants Vanhouten to make things right.

"But my biggest concern -- even more so than my roof -- is all of the other roofs that he's doing," Hafford said. "I honestly think that anybody that has a roof done by Holland Construction should contact a building inspector and have them come and look at it to make sure it is done correctly."

FOX 17 and the building inspector could not find a builder's license for Steve Vanhouten.

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  • Bryce Daugherty

    I have been a roofing contractor for almost 15 years. I would bet my license against this fraudulent scammer vanhouten. That’s not up to specs, and there’s no way he did any of that right at all. My heart goes out to this homeowner and I have no idea if he could make this right but a guy who does work like that, I wouldn’t even want to have come back and fix it for free. That job is disgusting to look at.

  • Barbara Shoup

    I just had a metal roof installed and am missing weather stripping in places and my corners don’t match and I have metal that needs trimmed off. Had major issues with the roofing company and even filed a complaint with the State of Florida. Because they lied, I got the shaft. Now I have to come up with the money to hire another company to finish my roof.

  • Cindy

    Had the same shoddy work on my house by this scammer. I filed a case in Small Claims Court and won the case because he never showed. I had to have the roof replaced less than a year later.

  • Lynette Lynch

    Sears Home Improvement put a new roof on my house- I’d hate to even show you the terrible job! 9 months later still trying to get it fixed! Wish I would have left my ugly roof on!! Sad the scammers out there, especially for such expensive items!