Battle Creek mom ending panhandling to raise college funds for daughter

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — A woman who began panhandling to raise $24,000 for her daughter to attend Michigan State University is calling it quits after raising less than half of her goal.

Lori Truex tells the Battle Creek Enquirer she'll end her fundraising campaign Thursday to return to work as a school bus driver. She says she raised more than $10,000 — $5,400 from an online GoFundMe account and $4,800 from her panhandling or checks deposited by donors into a credit union account she opened for the drive.

Truex says grants, scholarships and loans will help make up the difference.

She began standing with a sign on corners around the city on June 14.

Her daughter, Kendall Truex, moved into her MSU dormitory on Thursday. Classes start Wednesday.

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  • Kevin

    Glad she was able to help out her daughter.. I’ve been a stay at home Dad for the past 18 years.. my daughter is also a 4.0 student as well as made National Honors 2 consecutive years… I’ve took a different direction than this woman did.. I started a little side business.. as I wanted to teach my kids to work for what they want / need in life and not take free handouts.. which I think is a big problem in today’s society..everyone seems to think they are entitled to something.. You are really only entitled if you work hard for it.. Some will say the mom worked hard standing on the corners holding a sign.. that is somewhat true I suppose.. but I still feel it brings the wrong message to young kids.. I say shame on the news for highlighting this.. now we will see more moms / dads standing out holding signs around for handouts.. As for me.. I will stick to selling my woodworking crafts on etsy to help pay my kids through schooling

  • steve

    Many years ago, a student with a 4.0 GPA would have a number of colleges offering full ride scholarships to them. Have things changed so much that, for one reason or another, the value of a 4.0 GPA has diminished that much?

      • steve

        Kevin, I maintain that students of today, at any level and without technology, generally are intellectual dolts overall when compared to students many years ago.

        • Kevin

          I wouldn’t say ALL of them are that way….but yes… I do agree with you for most of them.. it’s a shame too.. but you also have to understand that many families are broken up.. years ago most families only had one parent working and one at home raising the kids… most kids back in the day had to do chores or work on the farm etc.. Now days most kids do nothing but beg for the newest video game or cell phone etc.. Not all are like this.. but a lot of them are..

          • steve

            Liberals have run the public schools for so long that the marginally intellectuals students of the past are teaching the young people of today. Not much was expected of them as students and that’s what they accept from their students as teachers.